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Conjourers Club Lecture: the Union Of the Greater Goblin Empire

The Conjuror’s Club is a ramshackle club for magic users in Thiefstown which holds lectures on the night of a new moon for its members here is a recent lecture inspired by a recent lunchtime Lairs** adventure. An aged wizard called Kaos with salt and pepper hair marches on stage. ” listen up – this […]

Lunchtime Lairs 18d: an aside Agent of I.G.O.R.

A gargoyle clock sounds and the Master goes to elevenses leaving the unlucky Waterwind & Satanna in the care of Igor. Unexpectedly Igor offers to free them he’s some form of undercover agent and needs they’re help to get control of the rampaging chimera they freed. The adventurers agree, passing Cerebus who Igor is able […]

The pre-history of the World of Drakesdoom (2/2)

  The Wasted Age of Elves and Dwarfs The planet cooled. The Elves tended to the surface while the Dwarfs maintained the machines which kept the Serpent Men in comfortable hibernation both under the direction of Brood-mothers. These great biological computers at the heart of the Serpent Man burrows survived millennium. They dominated the vassal […]