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Final Reflections Tenerife White Hounds Holocaust 1.0

A final post on the Tenerife Campaign White Hounds Holocaust Things i should have done better The spreadsheet for tracking sessions etc was great but i should have had a tab for NPCs as it’s all floating around my head Social media posts i should use have consistently used hashtags We had players in different […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 3 Reflections

With the conclusion of Campaign 3 i asked for player feedback i’ll include here and tie into the White Hounds Holocaust page. If you fancy sampling this Campaigns 5 & 6 start mid November contact me to join them. Dirk/Chanca I loved it. Exceeded my expectations. I haven’t really participated in a world building exercise […]

Gangbusters – Trouble Brewing, a pendragon experiment

i’ve recently concluded a quick run through a straight gangster version of the 1983 TSR campaign pack Trouble Brewing . i did put an additional thread on it with using Pendragon character traits & a hillfolk style session zero were the players identified their character relationships with each other and the gang. My Reflections I […]