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UNIT Campaign – Operation Coppelia – Session 3

Matt Farr has written this scenario as the journal of his character Harriet Mission Journal: Day 3 Gosh I seem to have overslept so apologies, dear journal, if this is late. i’m sure you will forgive me. Where we left off my fellow teammates and I were at the viewing for the Doll Auction. Mysterious […]

Grogmeet 22 Thoughts

So my 7th Grogmeet rolled round for the trip to mordor and fanboy3 and environs for a weekend of quality gaming and chat. Grogmania This years GM speed dating event was as mega city one perps committing mayhem in 30 minute bursts with different GMs. We got to fix fatty eating competitions, loot sugar, smuggle […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Coppelia – Session 2

Stubber has kindly written up last mondays session of Andy Horton’s creepy doll scenario as his character Sergi. We checked out the woman claiming to be called Larissa (clearly fake name – is taken from famous Russian story Dr Zhivago) – UNIT contacted the Louvre & found no evidence of her working there, nor of […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Coppella – Session One

Alistair has written up the first session of Andy Horton’s UNIT game as his character Hatty’s diary .Well I had no idea as to the incredible value of these Antique dolls (I must have a look in the attic when I get home), but I get ahead of myself.Joining a new group of agents Claire […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Badlands – Session 4 Finale

After-action report: Flt Sgt McCoy [My write-up of last night’s game by Andy Horton as his character Chiefy’s perspective] SO after the B&E the previous night, we had an idea of what was happening, but not really why. I’m sure none of us understood the science behind it all, or why the weirdness was happening. […]

Thoughts on running Hostile RPG

Thoughts on running Hostile RPG

I am much taken with the game hostile which is set in a retro-future similar to that shown in Outland, Alien and Bladerunner. It uses or is designed to be compatible with the class 2d6 1970s science fiction rules. So i’ve been thinking how I would run it both in a practical sense and in […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Carrion -Mission report 2

UNIT Campaign – Operation Carrion -Mission report 2

Alasdair has written up last mondays UNIT session of Operation carrion as his character Hatty. The case of the tramps that were not tramps, but something else entirely. It transpired these poor souls where actually athletes, veracious body parts removed and the bodies dumped in and around Soho. We had three lines of enquiry. One, […]

UNIT Campaign – Scenario Briefing – OPERATION CARRION

OSR v Storygames -hands across the barricades

OSR v Storygames -hands across the barricades

Inspired by a very good scene in a very good episode of Derry Girls – I asked: what are some of the things OSRists & storygamers have in common ? and what are some of the differences ? Here are some of the answers i got Brian Ashford said (check out his blog) OSR: Prep […]

UNIT Campaign – OBaWS – Operation Dungeon pre-gens

i am running a #unitcampaign scenario at the virtual side of Owl Bear and Wizard Staff – these are the available pre gens for the 4 players to pick from. Senior Officer, Kent Barley, MI5 , 36, CALLSIGN WHEAT-SHEAF Kent is a British born 36 year old MI5 agent whose parents are from Trinidad. His […]