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UNIT Campaign – Operation Badlands – Session 4 Finale

After-action report: Flt Sgt McCoy [My write-up of last night’s game by Andy Horton as his character Chiefy’s perspective] SO after the B&E the previous night, we had an idea of what was happening, but not really why. I’m sure none of us understood the science behind it all, or why the weirdness was happening. […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Carrion -Mission report 2

UNIT Campaign – Operation Carrion -Mission report 2

Alasdair has written up last mondays UNIT session of Operation carrion as his character Hatty. The case of the tramps that were not tramps, but something else entirely. It transpired these poor souls where actually athletes, veracious body parts removed and the bodies dumped in and around Soho. We had three lines of enquiry. One, […]

Diversity in turkey & wot it means in games

Diversity in turkey & wot it means in games

I’ve recently returned from Turkey. i’ve been several times and have been struck by the visual diversity in the staff. I’m not here talking about Turkish minorities like Kurds or Armenians but the visual diversity in the Turkish people I met. I am making assumptions based on name badges, hearing them speak confident Turkish and […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 6: The nautical logs of Benny

Martin Cookson picks up the baton of writing the adventures of the last post apocalyptic tenerife campaign ( for now) in the style of Benny. (The following notes were found floating in a plastic detergent bottle in the Mediterranean Sea, Coordinates 32.390527, -10.379447, 110km west of the coastline of what was Morocco. They are written […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 4 Session 6 Caravan Club Confrontations

Sardonicus has written up the Llama tribes most recent adventure securing and defending their promised land. After securing the strange vehicle Changa and Alejandro decides to assist their friends. Alejandro poured some gasoline around the area, and Changa fired a flare. This alerted the small group and we pressed home the attack. Changa opened fire […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 4: Trek off Mount Teide

Neil Hopkins playing Molly has written up the first session of the new campaign set on post apocalyptic Tenerife of the Llama clan The new moon rose over the keystone of the circle of cairns at the top of Mount Teide. Molly leant on her staff and sighed. It was now a month since the […]

White Hounds Holocaust campaign 1 Session 2 Mission of Mercy (Ray supplemental )

(No White hounds holocaust session this week as it was virtual grogmeet but player Andy @fechtbuch on twitter has added his character Ray’s memories of last weeks session to Sister Maria’s. ) ““You didn’t think!”That’s what Albert the grey beard said to me afterwards. “You didn’t think” I’ve told you a million times to use […]

White Hounds Holocaust campaign 1 Session 1 Monkey Man & Ergot

From the journal of Ray We set out on our pilgrimage. Heading into the West, for the big towns in the East have sent no emissaries to us. Musical accompaniment from Ennio’s phone. Our first encounter with the outside world was with an eccentric one armed travelling performer, Arvanti with a troupe of monkeys. I […]

Black hack Thursday nights: Garibaldi & Albus Stumbledore backstory

Two of my Thursday nights black hack players both have a political exile background – the players agreed they were going to be connected one (the fighter Garibaldi) having disposed the other (the Mage Albus Stumbledore) before being disposed in turn. Given the Mage has a sun drill as a magical item I’m incorporating that […]

Pink Gins & Googlies : Episode titles

Reidstone magazines have announced the titles for their ten piece part work ‘ Pink Gins & Googlies’ featuring the adventures of Cranford Ladies College Old Girls touring the Empire and America. 1. The Cairo Calamity 2. The Aden Adventure 3. The Mumbai Murders 4. The Columbo Cocaine Calamity 5. The Singapore Sling 6. The Perth […]