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Cheshire Pendragon: Year 498

The year starts with a bang as the grateful Bella of Oswestry forces her may into the Dux’s villa to announce a Sugales-Orfoise army is on the march attacking in alliance with Cameliard. Sir Renauld is despatched to secure the aid of King Rhyons of Norgales with the Squire Errin. Rumours of King Pellinore being […]

Agents of TARGET Issue #3: House on Horror Hill! 

Awakening as prisoners after being waylaid by a mysterious woman looking a lot like a TARGET agent, Alice, Blue Beetle and Quik’n’Twist turn the table on their jailers and attempt to break the eldritch traps they find themselves surrounded with. Almost losing Beetle to an enchanted painting, and pausing only to avoid some nasty puns, […]

Agents of TARGET Issue 2: Train-ride to Terror Junction!

After being brought in to help guard a covert prisoner transfer for TARGET, our heroes are attacked by a Cowboy and his Native American tracker companion who board the racing train with a view to setting lose the prisoner within. After cutting lose the main TARGET security force, only the team are left to save […]

Multiversal Comics Company: The Leopard of Nolita

This is a version of the old UK comic Buster’s superhero ‘The Leopard of Lime Street.’ Billy Farmer now a New York based ‘urban chic’ fashion photographer  – he is a temperamental stroppy get (like Jack Davenport’s character in ‘Smash’) and his numerous strops and drinking benders are a cover for his getting away to save the […]

SSAS: Shared Silver Age Supers

I recently listened to the excellent plot points two-part podcast on the champions and ‘day of the destroyer’ champions scenario this excellent podcast really reenergised my passion for this genre of roleplaying. I’m lucky to know many roleplayers and superhero enthusiasts across the globe but scheduling with conflicts draws on ones attention are really hard. However […]

To Boldy Go: The FASA Star Trek RPG plan

To Boldy Go: The FASA Star Trek RPG plan

Recently I found in the attic I’d splurged a good few years ago on a load of FASA Star Trek RPG material. The 80s system is perfectly functional and left a strong impression on me as a teenager. Looking through this material I can see the potential for a 8-10 scenario campaign. I think I’d set it […]

What to arm a City Watch with?

Recently listening to a session of ‘Douglas and Dragons’ there was an encounter with the City Watch. This got me thinking what should a City Watch or other fantasy pseudo-medieval police force be armed with? Obviously it depends on your government the ‘Evil Overlord’ is probably quite happy to arm his watch with roman style […]