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Diversity in turkey & wot it means in games

Diversity in turkey & wot it means in games

I’ve recently returned from Turkey. i’ve been several times and have been struck by the visual diversity in the staff. I’m not here talking about Turkish minorities like Kurds or Armenians but the visual diversity in the Turkish people I met. I am making assumptions based on name badges, hearing them speak confident Turkish and […]

UNIT Campaign – NPC Pool – Annie Whithouse

Matt Farr has written up this moral crusader with a twist Annie Whithouse is a notorious Decency Campaigner and Concerned Citizen who has led several high-profile campaigns against what she sees as the corruption of Britains young people by declining standards in Television and other media. Fearless, forthright and determined, she has runs fired up […]

Heads Up: Lords of Creation

in the middle of my ambitious post apocalyptic tenerife project ive started to sketch my next overly ambitious project Inspired in part by listening to the Appendix N podcast , Fictoplasm and Breakfast in the Ruins podcasts discussing Roger Zelazny’s amber i’ve been thinking about Lords of Creation. This 1983 published game features players characters […]

#RPGADAY 9 Light

After thinking about shadows and yesterday – today I’m thinking about illumination. In the context of OSR adjacent games like black hack but also in other genres like my beloved historical and Sci-fi. There the way I see it are three elements to lights in games to think about Tactical effect Effect on exploration & […]

Episode V: Burning Bridges

Faced with the chaos aboard the Ark the away party of ‘Al’ (Alien diplomat/cultural researcher), Thelonious Tinkersmith (Engineer) and George Brown (Hacker) manage to form an uneasy alliance with the Catholic Communard Marines and George gains access to the strange ambient energy coursingthrough the Ark’s superstructure. Narrowly avoiding being fried like the Marine hacker he […]

Prodigal empires: Mercenary Gazette: Independent Pandur Air Assault Company Von Trenck

The Ustache refusenik settled colony of Trujman eventually came to an end after a bitter war with their Tibetan neighbours of the Republic of Leng. Leng’s victory was magnanimous and the resulting Union of Janus IV (named after the planet settled,) absorbed units from both sides into its defence forces after excluding those stained by […]

Republic of Libereco

The terribly nice liberal, ethnically diverse and middle class colonists of Libereco arrived on Mandela III with their ideals of a kibbutz style republic speaking Esperanto and full of good intentions. Unfortunately a few years later the fascist Russo-Balkan colonists of Pan-Slavia arrived and using brute force and ignorance treated the Liberecoians to a brutal […]

Nueva Esperanza: End of Year 2 Turn 2

  With the Maoist conquest of Rome and subsequent desertions to their cause and their expansion on the Midgard-Galt border they are sitting pretty. Other powers have failed to expand and outside observers (such as the Crew of the Niptish Colonial Cruiser Piels Molgan currently stationed in orbit) see victory as the Maoists for the […]

Nueva Esperanza: Year 2 Turn 2 Phase 1 : The Invasion of Syk

  This encounter battle took place in thick forest and bush with limited visibility. The invading Midgardians figuring this would enable their superior troops to overwhelm the superior firepower of the Syk defenders in close combat.     The defending forces were considerable and outnumbered the attackers by at least 2 to 1. However the […]

My abandoned Science Fiction Cricket story…

It’s been years and I don’t see this seeing the light of day anywhere else so….here it is in it’s incomplete glory. Contains no actual cricket. The Two Skippers Two middle aged men squeezed themselves huffing and puffing out of the access tube and collapsed in streams of sweat on the engine room floor. “The […]