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Far Trek character: Lieutenant Janhavi Muralitharan

Recently been impressed by the PWYW game Far Trek (check out the downloads.) I think it’s on the docket for 2020 so I had a go at running up a character Lieutenant Janhavi Muralitharan Engineering Officer, STR 0 DEX 0 INT 1 CHA 1 Human, Red Shirt Extra fate point Skills +2 engineering +2 starship […]

To Boldly Go 2:Movie era uniforms

I put this together last time I was in a Star Trek mood (around 5 years ago) regretfully I cant credit the sources though the quality of the graphics suggests my sources lifted it from magazines. I’m a sucker from this stuff so best not let it go to waste. STARFLEET UNIFORMS

To Boldy Go: The FASA Star Trek RPG plan

To Boldy Go: The FASA Star Trek RPG plan

Recently I found in the attic I’d splurged a good few years ago on a load of FASA Star Trek RPG material. The 80s system is perfectly functional and left a strong impression on me as a teenager. Looking through this material I can see the potential for a 8-10 scenario campaign. I think I’d set it […]

Steampunk Star Trek

Clearing out the garage I found this… It’s based on an old strategy game I ran which in turned was based on the Space 1889 steampunk universe. The game I ran had players acting as the Govenrment or opposition of the major powers making important decisions about there nations future over 4 years turn. if […]