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Black hack Thursday nights: Garibaldi & Albus Stumbledore backstory

Two of my Thursday nights black hack players both have a political exile background – the players agreed they were going to be connected one (the fighter Garibaldi) having disposed the other (the Mage Albus Stumbledore) before being disposed in turn. Given the Mage has a sun drill as a magical item I’m incorporating that […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 11.2: oh the fiends we left behind

The Contessa and Hettie share news of their discovery and capture of the Sag Harbour Vampire with Gwen, Jemima and Mavis. The gals convene at the broom cupboard in Corpseington Manor that imprisons him and interrogate the beast. He reveals before being commanded to attack from Sag Harbour He hailed from the borders of Moravia […]

Pink gins & googlies: 11.1 Sag Harbour Vampire

The girls of Cranford old girls XI arrive in New York State in the Long Island mansion of Lady Agatha’ s friend Colonel Mustard. The colonel is accommodating them before the match. It’s a lovely peaceful setting in the Hamptons after the drama of Los Angeles. In the night the Contessa and Hettie hear the […]

Pink Gins & Googlies: Tour Match Sisters of Mercy IX

” Good Evening everyone this Mr Roifield Smyth of the Ceylon Colonial Wireless Service to bring you a summary of a most unusual cricket match. The curious covenant of the Sisters of Mercy met the ladies of the Cranford Old Girls XI in an exciting match. As well as begins a ladies match this game […]

Lunchtime Lairs 14c: The Destination Stage, whip crackaway ! Whip crackaway ! Whip crackaway !

Lunchtime Lairs is back after a summer hiatus at Justplay games 12-2 every Wednesday We rejoin the story of Blegrim last seen taken slave and find he was been bought as a stagecoach driver. He has a fighter riding archer in the form of Marcellus (played by Alex C) and passengers in the form of […]

The pre-history of the World of Drakesdoom (2/2)

  The Wasted Age of Elves and Dwarfs The planet cooled. The Elves tended to the surface while the Dwarfs maintained the machines which kept the Serpent Men in comfortable hibernation both under the direction of Brood-mothers. These great biological computers at the heart of the Serpent Man burrows survived millennium. They dominated the vassal […]