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Very British Civil War 1938 Slide Show

A slide show of photos from Very British Civil War battles we’ve fought. Advertisements

Nueva Esperanza: Y2 T2 Ph1 8th Battle of Nova Roma

Stretched Roman forces after repeated attacks were preparing strike back. Prior to undertaking an attack into Lapus Magna they have adopted a strategy of using their depleted forces as pickets. They Emperor then holds a reserve of their stronger units was held to meet any assault. This is fine in principle but the attacking Maoists […]

Nueva Esperanza: Y2T2Ph0 the 2nd Battle of Lapus Magna

Retreating Maoist forces got bumped by Galtantian troops occupying Lapus Magna. Efforts to flank the Randians with arnoured tractors failed. Superior Galtanian firepower outclassed the communists who have retreated on the Baetica Inferior after heavy casualties. (Hope this works ok first effort at using the wordpress ap for an image heavy post.)

Nueva Esperanza: End of Year 2 Turn 1

After an inert turn from some nations РThe Moaists conitune to gain ground with some minor acquisitions from the CRIME  and the Galtanians. Rome looks increasingly squeezed in a strip of territory.

Battle of Baetica Inferior

The nervous farmboys and merchants sons finished mass picked up their pilum assault rifles and took to their trenches into front of the small market town of Baeticativium. Across the plain came the an all arms Maoist battlegroup – mortars, armoured tractors, recoilless rifles, RPGs. Centurion Joespheus lowered his field glasses – it confirmed everything […]

Nueva Esperanza: The Liberation of Karl Marx Provence

The last tins of canned haggis had been used up over the winter, with the rest of the supplies and the threadbare darned uniforms supplemented by captured Maoist kit meant the surviving ‘No Surrender’ FIPPs forces of Elder Alex where a funny sight. The winter snows had melted and now it was only a matter […]

Nueva Esperanza: The Battle of the Marble Pit (4th Battle of Nova Roma)

A weak Roman cohort marched to the Church of St Margrets. Across the snow strewn marble quarry the clanking of massive Galtanian battlebots, the rumble of their smaller brethren and roar of The Gorgon Reavers biker gang heralded the Randian attack. Galtanian plasma bolts started to blast into and around the church which had served […]