The Podcasts: Dissecting Worlds & Roleplaying sessions

Amongst my other sins I also podcast.

Dissecting Worlds is a podcast I co-host with my long-time friend Matt. We are hosted by the great folks at the Geek Syndicate Network who have been kind enough to let us take up their Bandwidth with our exploration of the Social Sciences in Geek Fictional Universes.
Wait, what does that mean, exactly?
Essentially we pick a topic and debate the real-world influences and parallels that feed into that worlds creation, and on how it may function. Rather than trying to pick holes in someone elses creation (although there may be a bit of that!) its about trying fill in the blanks; see how things could work, or how vast breadth of history and cultures that humanity has produced have made similar things work already. Over the course of the show we’ve been lucky to get a number of knowledgeable guests on, which helps us keep track of all this stuff and not get too far off-topic. Well, mostly.

Series List and Links.

Series 1: Empires

Episode 1: The Klingons

Episode 2: Dune

Episode 3: The Galactic Empire

Episode 4: Earth Alliance

Episode 5: Oceania

Episode 6: Corporate Empires

Episode 7: Conclusions.

Series 2: Law and Order

Episode 1: Judge Dredd: He Is The Law!

Episode 2: The Ankh-Morpork City Watch

Episode 3: Phillip K Dick: Jails of the Mind.

Episode 4: Capes and Tights: Part 1 & Part 2

Episode 5: Harry Potter: Muggle Management for Beginners.

Episode 6: Mass Effect: Federal Agencies and Special Agents

Episode 7: Conclusions
Series 3: Military Matters

Episode 1: UNIT: Defending the Earth

Episode 2: Temeraire: His Majesty’s Dragon and other Air Forces

Episode 3: Battlestar Galactica: Convoys, Carriers and Space Navies

Episode 4: Rogue Trooper: Ground Combat in Stellar Empires

Episode 5: Space Above and Beyond: Marines in Space

Episode 6: Lord of the Rings: The War of the Ring and Fantasy Battles

Episode 7: Conclusions

Series 4: Gender and Sexuality

Episode 1: Gender, Sexuality and Superheros

Episode 2: Zardoz, Post Holocaust Sex and Gender Dystopias

Episode 3: Fantasy and Fairy Tales

Episode 4: Vampires: Blood and Boffing

Episode 5: Space Opera: Star Wars, Star Trek and Star Sex

Episode 6: Horror, Transgressions and Transistions

Episode 7: Conclusions.

A Very Special Episode: Drugs Special

Series 5: Leadership

Episode 1: The King: Arthur and the Price of Kingship

Episode 2: The Captain: Star Trek Captains Smackdown!

Episode 3: The Soldier: Captain America and Superteams

Episode 4: The Savior: Aslan and other Gods

Episode 5: The Chosen One: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Episode 6: The Anti-Leader: The Doctor, Part 1 & Part 2

Episode 7: Conclusions.

Sports Specials

Episode 1: Science Fiction and Fantasy Sports

Episode 2: Sports Comics

Episode 3: Games and Game Theory

Episode 4: Human Hunting: The Most Dangerous Prey

Episode 5: Conclusions

Series 6: Alternative History

Episode 1: Plague! The Years of Rice and Salt

Episode 2: Nazis! Alternatives from a World at War

Episode 3: Romans! Republic and Empire

Episode 4: Americans! Re-fighting The American Civil War

Episode 5: Secrets! Subverting History and Conspiracy Theories.

Episode 6: Victorians! Steampunk and Imperial Romanticism

Episode 7: Conclusions.

Series 7: Rebels and Revolutionaries (?)

We’re part of a virtual channel of great podcasts the geeksyndicate network – find our archive on the left under Geeksyndicate Network at www.geeksyndicate.co.uk

But heh don’t just take my words for it – check out a review here (in a posting that recommends other great podcasts…http://nicks-review-blog.blogspot.com/2011/02/wonderful-world-of-podcasts-or-what-i.html

And Finally

Roleplaying sessions coming out of the ideas on this blog are podcasted here: Subscribe in a reader

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