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What’s this all about then?

Well here we are: I originally got this page as part of signing up to the Geeksyndicate site where I post the odd review (Sanctuary, Fringe amongst others,) and a podcast with my mate Matt Dissecting Worlds (previously known as ‘Two Geeks With No Name’) on the ‘social science in science fiction.’

That’s okay neither of us know what that means either.

It has occured me to me I can use this to post material I’ve garnered through years of world building mainly for the glorious noble and nonsensical purpose of gaming.

Thats roleplaying or ‘let’s pretend for grown-ups’ and playing with toy soldiers.

Having displayed by nerdery in all it’s glory let us begin.

There’s also a  shared world writing project going on with volunteers, called Mosaic Novel, if your interested drop me a line @ dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk

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