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western games – thoughts watching Godless and the English

I very much enjoyed watching the English this year. This gothic western was my top watch of 2022 and inspired me to rewatch Godless too. Which while not as good still stands up. This got me a thinking as to the things a western game needs most if not all of : These things don’t […]

Final Reflections Tenerife White Hounds Holocaust 1.0

A final post on the Tenerife Campaign White Hounds Holocaust Things i should have done better The spreadsheet for tracking sessions etc was great but i should have had a tab for NPCs as it’s all floating around my head Social media posts i should use have consistently used hashtags We had players in different […]

White Hounds Holocaust : Campaign 6 Session 10 Last Voyage of the Volcan

White Hounds Holocaust : Campaign 6 Session 10 Last Voyage of the Volcan

The very final write up of the final of the 2021-22 campaigns on post apocalyptic tenerific Craig writes the final adventure. Please check out Craig’s stuff at – store – blog It took many days to traverse the empty seas north but having committed to the plan after stranding the Romans the community […]

White Hounds Holocaust: Campaign 6 Session 9 Plague Island

Medical Records, Harry Badem, 9 June 2051 The plan to slowly accrue a fuel reserve through trade on behalf of the Romans progresses well. The community remain in good health and has almost entirely adapted to life on the sea. It has been a couple of weeks since the last case of seasickness and even […]

White Hounds Holocaust: Campaigns 5 Session 8 : New beginnings

i’ve written up the last session of Campaign 7 i hope my poor pen may do it some justice. Report of Capitán de navío Fernando Merandez, Captain of the Reina Isabella and Commander of Task Force 3 Excellencies of the Junta, My Lord Admiral  I can report that ERCE 3 have indeed completed the chain […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 6: The Papagonzalo Line

Continuing the final write ups of the final of the 2021-22 campaigns on post apocalyptic tenerific Dave pulls out the stops writing as his community leader dreaming of mainland Spain Papagonzalo. El diaro de Papagonzalo Lopez de Alcazar Voy a cambiar de español a catalán para esta entrada ya que no creo que nadie más […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 6: The nautical logs of Benny

Martin Cookson picks up the baton of writing the adventures of the last post apocalyptic tenerife campaign ( for now) in the style of Benny. (The following notes were found floating in a plastic detergent bottle in the Mediterranean Sea, Coordinates 32.390527, -10.379447, 110km west of the coastline of what was Morocco. They are written […]


With our people safely aboard the cruiser, we set to sea! It is time to leave Tenerife and its warring gangs of violent weirdos. It is an overcast day, but not terrible weather. Papagonzalo pilots the ship to the south, hugging the coast of Tenerife – we intend to travel along the coast to the […]

White Hounds Holocaust: Campaign 5 Session 7 Last will and testament

ERCE on a sticky wicket written up by Ed of Fannyside gamesin the style of his character Commandante Vasquez A Farewell to Arms – The Last(?) Testament of Commandante Dr. Ernesto Valezques, BA, DEA Being of sound mind, but unsound body I compose this report in the hope of being able to complete account of […]

White Hounds Holocaust: Maps of the adventures

This is not the finished article but work in progress showing approximate the movements of each adventuring party.