Drakesdoom campaign frames – which would you prefer?

I’m really enjoying the shared supers game. I haven’t forgot all about my fantasy setting Drakesdoom and have been giving some thought to campaign frames to set for any future game in the F20esque wild west of the Midmark. In general I think I would co-opt the team building Dramasystem method of determining the relationships […]

Novakan Republic

Leadership and Politics 10 years ago the monarchy was overthrown by a popularist republican rebellion. However the republican leaders weren’t able to control the chaos unleashed and a conscript army defended the revolution regimes came and went. With the peace treay of Names 3 years ago the army was scaled down to a professional core […]

Nushrushar Reich

The northernmost of the Gothic kingdoms bordering Dunloch and Novakan Republic in the West and Koroviski in the East. Politics and Leadership Kiaser Whilhem III has been moving the nation from a feudal society to an absolutist one and is having some success but elements of the feudal systems (namely private armies) are still in […]

The Guildocracy of Dunloch

  Leadership and Politics North of D’elan is the guildocracy of Dunloch. It is ruled by a Grand Council of Guildmasters, who are elected by various different means depending in the particular guild – it varies from block votes, secret ballots, open hustings and more. The economic fall of Dunloch has led to factions forming  […]

20 Q&A about Drakesdoom, My Homebrew world

based on the handy hints at Jeffs game blog I’m going to try and answer these questions: What is the deal with my cleric’s religion? It’s all a lie but he might not suspect that. Now his church might be corrupt or so some good in the world (or both.) Where can we go to […]

Pubs of East Drakesdoom

Timbertown –East Villas – restaurant and bar for nouveau rich with visible security the armed and armoured ‘Timbertown Territorials’ (who also undertake freelance detective and protective work for the rich.) The Inky Fingers – Spawning Grounds – drinking den of the Daily Roar’s employees. The Tunnel and Troll – Trollbridge – opposite the beehive Troll […]