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Pendragon: City of Legions

Pendragon is a game of Arthurian legend, most games are sent in the South West or South East of England namely Logres, which the game designers often make the focal point of a campaign. However there’s a whole country out there so I’m running a play by email Pendragon Campaign set in Cheshire.

Here’s a map that Matt & Stew Stansfield put together for me when this was being thrashed out through a Yahoo group:

Here’s the manors for the map above :

  1. Darfold
  2. Willaston
  3. Crewe Hall
  4. Combermere Abbey
  5. Calveley
  6. Wetten Hall
  7. Oston Park
  8. Chomadley Castle
  9. Doddingto
  10. Cardent
  11. Edge
  12. Crewe by Farndon
  13. Brereton
  14. Moreton Old Hall
  15. Lauton
  16. Taft
  17. Nethertabey
  18. Tafton park
  19. Mere
  20. Rock Savage
  21. Hooton

There’s several things which make this Cheshire an interesting setting for a Pendragon Campaign:

The mix of the Roman (Deva/Chester itself) and the Welsh.

Before the Dee silted up Chester was a major port so there are opportunities for foreign PCs and overseas intrigue.

A lot of folklore in the aea – Alderly Edge anyone

The brilliant setting of Beeston castle which while not on the maps is being built in the course of the campaign.

The main opponents are the Irish and King Leogandance’s Cameliard which gives a different set of interests to Southern Britons.

For a significant part of the Boy King Wars Chester is aligned with King lot – this means come the fall there Grandkids are going to have more varying takes on the rights and wrongs of Mordred and Arthur.

There is a very stange cultural superior but politically inferior relationship with the King of Norgales has given of roleplaying opportunties.

If your interested in reading more about the ideas for this campaign they are here:

Cast of characters

Years 495-96

Year 497

Year 498

Year 499 Year Of the Three Invasions

Year 500 and Wyatt

Year 501 Rebirth

Year 502 the year of Frogs

Year 503

fast forward Years 504-509

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