Pendragon Cast of Characters 

Player Characters


  • Sir ‘gorgeous’ Gato the Cut-Throat
  • Sir Gilmere the Honest
  • Sir Hannibal of the loose morals. (Of Nahout)
  • Sir Renauld of Toulouse 
  • Anerin of the Forest, serving Sir Gato
  • Piran the Cornish, serving Sir Renald
  • Erin the Hunter, the Reluctant Squire
  • Spurius Postumus, serving Sir Hannibal 
  • Mathuin the Suspicious, serving Sir Gilmere 

Cheshire Court

  • Dux Randle
  • Baroness Middlewhich
  • Sir Derek of Hatton
  • Baron Cheadle Hulme (Michael Elphick) – Nominal leader the ‘Roman’ faction and father of the Lady Sian. 
  • Brother Sudrenius – actual leader of Roman faction from his forced retirement as a monk.
  • Brother Cadfel (the Dux’s Confessor) A pursuer of the scientific method. 
  • Sir Nemo of Moels () Saracen Admiral of the Dux’s fleet and Warden of the Wirral Coast. The Cheshire fleet consists of the trimerines Brittania, and the captured Irish trimerines named Satyr and the Bloody Tarn.

Cheshire Legionaires 

  • Optio Mancella
  • Optio Rhys 
  • Optio Semperfis (of the Marines) (Paddy Ashdown)

Other Cheshire NPCs 

  • Michael the Moor (Louis Emerick) a carter & longshoreman that assisted with Caliburn’s midwifery.
  • Sinbad Son of a Sailor (Michael Starke) a carter & longshoreman that assisted with Caliburn’s midwifery

The Wirral 

  • The Witch Munro (Caroline Munro) she leads the swamp barbarians of The Wirral and has a feud with Merlin.
  • The Green Knight – monster fashioned by the witch Munro upon the Green chapel of Thor’s Rock.
  • The Formorian – Irish monster brought over by Irish pirates. Last of its kind despatched by Mathuin and Piran working with Merlin. Guarded the lodestone that became Caliburn on Thor’s rock. 
  • Mother Red Cap – leader of a bandit-pirate-smuggler band using the caves of Wallasey. 


  • King Leogandance
  • Ganedia, Sister of Merlin, Grand Mistresses of the Soronity of Minerva (Kate Humble)
  • The Baby Princess Guinevere 
  • Friar Stephen, King Leogandance’s confessor (Ian Hart)
  • Sir Geoffrey of Stafford (deceased from torture by Mathuin and Spurius under orders of Sir Gilmere.) 
  •  Sir Gregory of Stafford (brother of Sir Geoffrey and out for revenge.) 
  • Lady Ygraine, a gossipy Sister of Minerva 


  • Earl Gwarethen, Lord of Orofoise (a young John hurt ie I Claudius )
  • Sir Tathan, his Marshal (Adrian Bower) lord of Oswestry 
  • Druid Amig, his court magician (Brian Cox – the scientist) 
  • Sister of Minerva Nia (Jill Wagner) 
  • Silenus – a travelling leader of a pagan pastiche cannibal youth cult 
  • Bella the Alewife, a quarterstaff wielding woman of Oswestry.
  • Oswet, head man of the village of Oswestry.
  • Carl the Cruel, Sir Tathan’s steward
  • Kynas, a witch who resided in Kyaston Caves in Nesscliffe hill by Oswestry but Sir Geoffrey of Stafford came with Friar Stephen and they drove her out and had her drowned. 


  • King Rhyons


  • King Belinans 
  • * Sir Gorthyn, representation of Gwarethen’s liege King Belinans of Sugales to the County of Orfoise  (Lee van cleef)

Others Encountered 

  • LAMBOR Baron Blamore de Ganis. The Baron is young and lusty.
  • CLARENCE Ethan, Duke of Clarence
  • GALVOIE Sir Raymond a Knight
  • GLOUCESTER Duke Wurzel
  • WUERENSIS Earl Artgualchare
  • BEDEGRAINE Earl Sanam
  • Merlin 
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