White Hounds Holocaust: Aftermath style roleplaying in Tenerife

This page pulls together background posts and session write ups (including music numbers, poems & radio news reports) for my 2021-22 roleplaying project.

A GURPS powered series of campaigns set in Tenerife in 2051 thirty one years after solar flares, meteor strikes, limited nuclear strikes and Covid have destroyed civilisation.

i have to say i was very blessed l in having had 6 amazing parties of creative, warm, talented and engaging players for the first tranche of campaigns.

30 active Players played i think 31 characters in 6 campaigns between 5 April 2021 and 10 May 2022 a total of 54 sessions and around 100 hours play. . The characters adventures between 5 April and 20 July 2051 changing the face of post apocalyptic Tenerife and beyond. beyond.

There will probably in 2023 be a Tenerife 2.0

Campaign 1 – 5 April 2051 – 10 May 2051

The Pilgrimage of San Juan de Rambala

Liberal feminist catholics trying to do the right thing.

Flag of San Juan de Rambala

A campaign based on San Juan de Rambala, on the North of the island, a community where nuns helped hold things together after the fall. Sister Maria leads a pilgrimage to try and reconnect with the Catholic Church and finds not all Catholic’s agree on faith, hope and charity.

The Village

Taking a stand for a tolerant Church they sponsor a newspaper and become a locus of resistance to Bishop Ruis’s ambitions of a ‘Catholic League.’

Played by the regular Monday group ‘the midweek marauders.’ It was in the style of David Brins novel ‘the Postman’ with some YA self discovery by the young cast of characters.

The game events took place between 5 April and 10 May 2051 and were played from 5 April and 28 June 2021.

The Party

There has a been a brilliant summary done by players linked by the playlist soundtrack they did for the campaign with links to the individual episode write ups.

Campaign 2 – 12 April 2051 – 20 April 2051

The Cabaret Arribistes

Phoenix nights meets Fargo directed by Rob Zombie under a sub-tropical sun.

On the east of the island the small anglo community of Playa Barracono Arriba of old club circuit entertainers and petty criminals, and their children eek out an existence. Facing extinction they send a party out to recruit new blood for their village and to promote Patty’s dream of an all island talent show.

Playa Barracono Arriba

Following that path they find old enemies from the working men’s club circuit, francoist gold and pull of some serious borgias and rob zombie shit.

And Tin snips

Played by the Thursday group that came of the Lunchtime Lairs games. The game events took place between the 12 and 20th April 2051 and were played weekly in 2 hour sessions between 6 May and 1 July 2021. It also turns out i struggle to number sessions with the help of a facebook calendar entry.

the iconic Roy Saveloy

The Party

Episode 1 taking to the road there is a roadside ambush.

Episode 2 greetings with the goose folk and an encounter with the Disco kid.

Episode 3 travelling to betray the Disco kid an ambush, a new friend and a narrow escape the Caravan Club.

Episode 4 Disco is dead

Episode 5 meet a man and some monkeys

Episode 5a expresses in song with party marry into power in the Disney obsessed Magic Kingdom

Episode 6 in poetry – having seized power the party rules the Disney kingdom.

Episode 7 The Hill – a gunfight with Hannie

Episode 8 – expressed in song

Campaign 3 – 3 May 2051 – 21 May 2051

The 19th Hole Hand

Golf course raised Cannibals with a cult based on ancient aliens, self actualisation and a social caste based on playing cards

In the south of the island a small bunch of gnostic cannibals following a blend of david icke, van daniken and alan ginsberg the 19th hole hand sought various holy items to enable them to ascend with their alien overlords.

They also pickup a doggedly persistent investigator looking to pin goat rustling on them.

Episode 1 A trading mission to the nearby viking settlement

Episode 2 a raid on their krag maga self imprudent rivals at Siam Park

Episode 3 continues machinations at Siam Park

Episode 4 a party with the Camel Caravasi and a bloody ambush of some bikers.

Episode 5 trading trip to the Castillo San Miguel

Episode 6 more machinations at Castillo San Miguel ending in a battle with a party of the Castle’s knights.

Episode 7 the battle concludes and the cultists complete their ritual achieving a partial ascension.

Campaign reflections

There is also a soundtrack which i’ll add when itunes music stops being silly.

Campaign 4 – 3 May 2051 – 24 May 2051

The Llama Tribe of Mount Teide

Lovely Llama farmers seek better pastures.

Meanwhile on the northern slopes of Mount Teide some humble Llama farmers seek a life without drama. Clear grazing and a rest from the raids of their neighbours like the arrogant Mouflon herding Marat clan.

Initially a the players were a party sent out to find were a missing scouting party of youths who had checked out Beanuvista del norte golf course as potential grazing.

Episode 1 they trek through rival territory. make some friends and discover their grazing is by Bishop Ruis’s seat of power.

Episode 2 infiltrating Beanuvista del Norte to rescue the youth party.

Episode 3 Escaping the Bishop their is a battle with bandits and then discovery that tribal rivals have made new friends.

Episode 4 The adventures of Chanca and Alejandro lost from the rest of the party.

Episode 5 Moses like the adventurers lead their people through hostile territory to new grazing lands only to find it occupied

Episode 6 Finding the grazing land occupied by a Caravan Ckub scouting party they win it and face down intimidation by the bullies.

Episode 7 The Llama farmers make some friends from San Juan de Rambala and take the battle to the Caravan club.

Campaigns 5 24 May 2051 – 5? June 2051

Commando mission from La Palma makes preparations for an invasion.

Operation Cortez

The player party is a secret military mission from the island of Las Palma setting up a communications array for their invasion.

Episode 1 they scout out El Bujero, save Bishop of Bueauvista del Norte’s priest Father Flattery form being fed to killer whales and spot a scientologist recon party.

Episode 2 meet Arno and Francesca negotiate with the scientologists and advance into the interior with their nun escorts michelangela, leonarda, ralphela and donetalla.

Episode 3 bikers, hiding villagers, men harvesting buggys, siam park refugees, the captain faces off raiders, terse negotiations with settlers of Blokumannaland / Montanas negras, random llamas & a raid

Episode 4 rescues woodlouse & bluebottle buddhists clash w maratha meet Baptists

Episode 5 mexican stand off with baptist’s alta vista refuge but make friends – meet Posadists & their goats and on to the pharos republic

Episode 6 meet pharos & drone, confront sheep farmer, surgery on injured rustler flash flood, racoon killing, confrontation with ACW cannibals

Episode 7 Battle of Barracando Fregenal , 2 nuns kills many injuries, met goose people

Campaign 6 30 May 2051 – 20 July 2051

The Mariners

A community seeks an escape to sea and ultimately to what they hope is the safety of mainland Spain.

The Party

Episode 1 party with Romans, faux paux, recover eagle w confrontation: trade otan disguised as prisoners but romans spotted – great oratory w romans & otan by papa

Episode 2 delivered lecturn, OTAN cannibals fight with romans, threatened by juavier of the prison, get on ship get shopping list of spare parts

Episode 3 OTAN massacre romans, narrow escapes steeling fuel filters from OTAN base by super stealth, deal swap radio for fuel pipes

Episode 4 hear radio tenerife & palmists, encounter chimpanzees , followed kids OTAN, fight creepy crawlers, get fuel filters & spark plugs

Episode 5 an epic quest for actual working spark plugs, arachnid terrors and a floating inferno.

Episode 6 a voyage to El Hierro featuring drowning vikings, boils and the many wives of a village chieftain. They also spotted La Palmas incursions on Tenerife.

Episode 7 sailing to Gran Canaria the Mariners discover the glory that is the New Roman Republic. Rescue a professor from a power plant fighting some Legionaires and discover about slavery and war.

Episode 8 boldly the Mariners set up a trading route between the now ship less vikings and the Romans . Importing mechanic salvage from tenerife and exporting grain. the effect is that both the Romans and Vikings grow in strength.

Greatest sharpshooter on Tenerife

Episode 9 keen to fulfil their ultimate goal of returning to mainland Spain but unwilling to pay the price Rome demands for sufficient fuel the heroes (?) persuade the Romans to allow them to sail a Roman expedition to Madeira – and find more than they bargained for.

Episode 10 reaching the straits of Gibraltar the crew fight a sea battle against the demands pirates of the ‘Republic of the Pillars of Heracles’ does anyone survive ?

Connections between campaigns

A quick vent diagram on the overlaps between campaigns so far.

Both San Juan and Arribistes encounter kleptomaniac monkey man Avanti.

Both the Llama tribe and San Juan encountered Bishop Ruis. The ECRE eventually ended up as a diplomatic mission to the bishop La Palma’s ally.

Llama tribe members encountered a crashed ESA airship and 19th hole hand ‘ascended’ in a ESA airship.

Everyone except the 19th hole hand and Mariners encountered the Caravan club. Everyone except the Arribistes and Mariners encountered the Repuiado bikers in some form.

The Mariners both sank the dragon ship and supplied the surging Los Chistianos vikings with fuel making them a land empire following the chaos of their neighbours the 19th hole hand disappearing.

The Llama Farmers and EREC met Francesca the magician and her charming musclebound assistant Arno.

There is also a Map showing we’re the parties sent on Tenerife ( i haven’t done a nautical map for the Mariners)

Some Final Reflections

On what well and what could be improved from the 2021-11 run.


Posts on the development of the campaign world, play concepts and Tenerife. The earliest note i found on this game goes back to 2012 so it’s been a long time coming.

How the campaigns are run

Session Zero methodology

Weapons of Tenerife

A game played during the disaster

The Disaster and how communities were generated

The Pharos Republic a contribution by Dave Glass

Potential models for a player party

Earlier alternative route to crowd source the background before bedding it into a play session

An Appendix N

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