White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 5: Operation Cortez: Escuadron de Reconoimiento de Reles de Communicaciones Especiales Tres ( ERCE3)

For the 5th Tenerife Campaign our random hex generated a off shore community. After some discussion it was determined that the player characters are an expedition from Las Palmas. Much of Las Palmas is ruled by a Junta of the 7 Mustachios ( the 7 lads) – volcanic activity has led them to look for elsewhere to live snd they’re sending out special reconnaissance & communications relay teams (EREC) to find the best places. Harnessing scientific knowledge from the observatories of las Palmas these team use megahertz communications to communicate with home they bypass the solar flare interference left by the collapse.

The Junta community has a dissident minority of ‘space cowboys’ who dream of using the communications relay to communicate with astronauts they think survive in orbit and secure a braver, kinder future for mankind.

The Junta has formidable resources – a well trained conscript army with black powder weapons, surplus uniforms/kit and plentiful ammunition ready to ship to an ideal future home.

Here is EREC shipwrecked by Los Gigantes on the eastern coast of Tenerife.

Commandante Doctor Velazquez (Ed)

Commander of the expedition (a Major) Military Intelligence/Police before the fall in his 50s. Uses a magnifying lens for as near sighted. He shows an exaggerate respect to Liesel for her scouting abilities and runs smart ideas past her first. He just considers Noah a toll.-. Modernish type of uniform, leather trench coat with bandelier and a M43 Modello z helmet – black powder revolver and back up single shot pistols snd a sword.

Guardabosque (Ranger) Liesel (Doc)

19 year old youngster born to a couple of tour guides. A young woman hunter type and good scout. Her father is high up in government and she was sent off as an embarrassment Caroline Munro type with a bow and hunting outfit and a bit naive and gullible and enthusiastic doesn’t love the government but a curious explorer. Treats Noah as a big brother and loves listening to his tales of space (but thinks it’s mythology) and attitude to the Commandante is vague contempt – ‘he works for my dad and stops me doing things are interesting and only nice to me because my dad says so.’ Modern bow and selection of arrows – boomerang – signal device bird call (whistle?) Scribes arrows with animal names.

Noah Backlund (Kris)

35 The child of a couple of researchers at observatories – 100% international (American/Swede) – taught technical skills. Don’t like the Las Palmas community – volunteered – looked wrongly at Military intelligence guy. Has Tech skills – broad based mechanical and electrical and specialised in communication plant. Space Cowboy as well as a closet rebel – so wants to contact a satellite. Attracted to the nearby anarchist commune. A little protective of the liesel. Tool kit and other material – self contained transmitter and all stuff in a kit. Upkeep and repair stuff. Blackpowder shotgun which is an adapted M79 grenade launcher.

Captain Duggie McTavish (Carl)

Sailor – ex-patriot Scot 60+ – came to the island crashing his ship and got brought into the community. Unlucky and bitter about the whole thing. Also has crashed the expeditions ship (told you he was unlucky.) He does have a range of survival and nautical skills. Doesn’t care about the party. Noah not found a way to persuade him about the space thing – massive pessimist. Cutlass, boarding hook and black powder carbine. Likes a drink and a moan.. Carrying a beer gut.



Grunt – peasant soldier – 19-20, quite slow and being teased by the Liesel (who might have a thing with him.) A good heart and brave. He wouldn’t think of her that way. He’s a (naive) true believer of the government. Commandante – yes/sir no sir – respects title rather than the man. Noah doesn’t like Liesel hanging around that him. Blackpowder rifle – double barrelled breach loader.


Medic – 25 young one – more of an apprentice – brilliant brewer/distiller and mathematician. Makes herbal medicines and poltisces. Gets on the Leisel- holds parties and saved Leisel’s mum -but Liesel thinks she’s a bit boring. Commandante is a big fan of her cough syrup. Different spheres to Noah. Spanish – Female. Sharp stiletto & derringer


Punta de los Machos

South of the wreck there is an isolationist anarchist community of around 100 souls dominated by the enigmatic Belgian Christine who despite having no authority on any syndic guides the artistic community the carves the rock formations of the area.

Los Gigantes

Nearer the wreck is a community led by the martial Catholic Sisters of Our Lady of Mount Carmel – wearing shagreen army studded with bottle tops these paladins who after the fall have decided the God has abandoned man and must be reached through women.

Men do the grunt work of the society. The church reveresMary – Worship goes through her. Men are inferior versions of god. Women an improvement on men as made 2nd. No men worthy to operate for Christ as a traditional Priesthood. VIsions of the Virgin Mary.

The use metal embossed and spiked staffs snd hunting guns.

They periodically feed people to some semi-take Orca – this is functionally theatre and like a witchhunt – if innocent the Orca wont eat the victims . The Orca names are Torquemada and Sophia. Loads of legends they’ve saved sailors, including they nudged the damaged boat of the party in.

The community expect something from the Community – burden on the community.

3 comments on “White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 5: Operation Cortez: Escuadron de Reconoimiento de Reles de Communicaciones Especiales Tres ( ERCE3)

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