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About the author


Kehaar is a wargamer, roleplayer, podcaster and occassional writer.

This blog is devoted to random thoughts, wargame batttle reports and roleplaying ideas.

His podcast dissecting worlds is at www.geeksyndicate,.co.uk part of the geek syndicate network

His former roleplaying campaign is at http://alfiesantics.wordpress.com/

A former writing project is at  http://cutthroatcreeks.wordpress.com/

Amongst title and honourifics he enjoys but by no means has any entitlement to are:

Colonel of an unamed paramilitary force,  Grandmaster of the Order of Seagulls, High Privy Onedin, Chancellor of the Grandy Duchy of Wirral, Treasurer of the Thomas Sullivan Magnum Society, Captain of the Dissecting Worlds 1st XI, President of the Nueva Esperanza Friendship Society, Secretary of the Atlantean Archeology Association, Honorary Agent of the Exotic Supervisory Agency, Chair of the Innsmouth-Wallasey Friendship Society, Archdruid of the Bidston Hill Order of Druids, Leading Aircraftsman (Air Training Corps (rtd)), Bronze swimming surivival badge, the Silver Cross of Delusion (3rd Class,) the Scarlet Sash of Pomposity….

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