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ideas for a judge dredd busters game session zero ideas

one project for next year after tenerife is a game based on the comic property judge dress i’m capturing some system & session zero notes.

Character creation

While there are MANY judge dredd rpgs out thereI propose to hack gangbusters as follows.

core stats (muscle, agility, observation) are rolled as 50 + 1d50 + mod representing years of training at the academy.

two new statistics

PSI – straight d100 no mods if get over 75 roll again if get 90-100 your an active psionic and a psi judge.

PSI points – psionic hit points / energy Psi + muscule / 10

Skills and Experience

roll 1d5 for the number of tours the judge has done

roll 1d5 for each tour for its length in years. total tour length in years + 15 = the judges age if less than 18 or if no pass ratings might still be an (exceptional) rookie.

Roll 1d10 for the assignment and see attached skill (not agility will be used as stealth for this hack) skills are gained at 1d100+mod (+10 for subsequent tours) For PSI judges this is the division they support.

1-5 street judge

6 tek judge (tinkering skill)

7 med judge (medical skill)

8 Flying squad / H Wagon ( pilot as driving)

9 Wally Squad (shadowing or acting)

10 Special (role again table below)

Special table

  1. SJS ( interrogation)
  2. Academy of Law (teaching)
  3. The Space Corps (heavy weapons)
  4. Accountants (accountancy)
  5. public relations (public speaking)
  6. Public Surveillance Unit (bugging)
  7. Riot Squad (+10 muscle)
  8. – 10 Traffic (+10 driving)

Each tour assess the judges effectively by rolling again driving ( as an average of muscle and observation ) or the new skill picked up. a success = good , fail poor if the roll ends in 0 or 5 and is a success it’s an excellent rating if a fail it’s a must improve rating.

Session Zero

Arrange PCs tours on a timeline spreadsheet do you can see where there careers might have overlapped.

Define the Sector

  1. we go round the table and each player defines 1 physical feature of the sector (it’s geography)
  2. we go round and each player defines a amenity of the sector
  3. we go round and each player defines a problem (crime, gang, craze) in the sector
  4. we go round and each player adds one defining point to one amenity and one problem
  5. each player names 2 blocks and the player to their right gives them a one sentence description
  6. an addition block per player is named by drawing random wikipedia pages but left undefined for now.
  7. go round the table once more and players can link blocks to amenities, problems or features
  8. looking at a the sector make a decision when in judge dredd history the game is set (this will also inform player timelines.)

Define the party relationships

  1. go round the table each PC gets to define on aspect of their relationship with another party member. this can be inspired by the tour history or straight of the bat. if there is disagreement it can be discussed but the party member on the receiving end has to agree to the defining factor. Examples include an experienced judge being a mentor to a rookie, not trusting psionics, worked on a big case but one of them dropped the ball etc;
  2. do this till every character has one defining factor with every other PC
  3. Then you can go round defining the npcs in the sector house each pc adding an element to – the sector chief, tek chief, med chief, riot chief and briefing judge (desk sarge type) and any wally squad or civilian admin they want to add
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White Hounds Holocaust: Campaign 5 session 5 Theological Debate

For the EREC party we had two new PCs join playing two of the accompanying nuns of Los Gigantantes Jim writes up his first session in character as Sister Ralphela.

Dear Mother Superior,

I write to you, as you instructed, to update you on the searing of the heretics.  Things are going swimmingly, just as God has ordained.

We arrived at Alaviste Refuge on Teide, a family had taken up residence, Sister Leonarda was immediately taken in by them, but I sensed something unnatural, this may have been the light of holy God inspiring me, we must discuss. Their bibles were not like ours, a true abomination, possibly one of their number, Roghanna, was a female but dressed as a male, we have non-binary in our flock, so I accepted this for now.

The lodge

They served us a briny, broth with grey lumps, but us sisters did not partake, for we had a sensed that the Devil was nearby. Liesel slurped and drank greedily from the bowl, like a gluttonous pig!  But I bear her no ill will.

Roghanna commented that the broth was supplemented with urine, a common practice amongst satanic cults.  We nodded, satisfied that we had not drunk of this – Liesel looked unwell, we must watch her.

When dinner was over, we questioned Roghanna on her faith. The words! Mother Superior, such blasphemy has never seen the light of day until now! Whilst Sister Leonarda seemed to cry, I stood fast! They said all could be explained in the big book on the shelf, Sister Leonarda clumsily picked it up and a gun, Uzi 9mm 3.5kg rate of fire 600 rounds/min muzzle velocity 400 m/s effective firing range 200m, I think?

I swung around with my spear, holding Roghana at bay, Sister Leonarda uncomfortably picked up the gun and trained it at them.  A heated conversation followed, we decided to test the Heretics with the Orcas, but the others disagreed.  I distinctly heard Sister Leonarda utter an untruth, I was worried the Heretics had possessed her, demon possession is not uncommon in our line of work, is that not correct Mother Superior?  But as I requested the Uzi from her – its bright metal casing reflected in the dying sun – my reverie was interrupted, one of our lookouts had seen two men carrying a sheep and making their way up the path to the house.

Comandante had been displeased by our show of faith, but too much was going on to question him. He must recant this at our leisure. Also this Priest we hold prisoner, my palms itch that he escapes judgement but we will reach the sea again and then we will see if the Orcas take him as the Heretic he most assuredly is or, if God wills, he sinks to the floor of the ocean, dead but innocent. Either will make me happy, for it is God that decides not me.

The nun’s killer whales Torquemada & Sophia

As the men got nearer they spotted us, Sister Leonarda panicked, her faith deserting her for a moment and threw the gun, yes, she threw it Mother Superior, I love Sister Leonarda with all my heart and would follow her into the depths of hell, but she, is as the slugs that crawl across the earth, utterly without intelligence.  The uzi bounced harmlessly in front of the men, who dropped the sheep and unshouldered their rifles.  I requested Roghanna to sit down and be quiet and helped her into a seat – I had to be quite firm because she was preparing to resit, then us nuns let out a holy cry for our Lord Saviour and charged forward spears at the ready.

Liesel kicked the door shut and lay down on the floor. We came skidding to a halt, just as one of the men outside let off a flare, we had been told there were up to 10 other families in the area, we did not wish to jeopardize our mission and exited through a window, a forlorn glance back at the Uzi. Once outside, we stealthily circled back up the mountain and then down the other side. We kept a close eye on the house as we walked We observed the Commandante and Liesel conversing with the villagers, they gesticulated widely but in the end, seemed to head out of the settlement as friends, the Commandante laughing and joking with them – what bargain had they struck with these devils!

El Commandante

We met up with Commandante, Liesel and the others some ways beyond the houses, they did not look pleased to see us. We carried on towards our next objective, an Observatory, across the desert and along roads – we travelled at night. Commandante said we were to rest, we lay down, though I could not sleep, strange beasts, snorted and farted through the night, not all of this could be attributed to Sister Leonarda. Eventually, I awoke to find something nuzzling my hand, it was a goat, a stealth goat for it had surprised me – I beg penance for this lapse. We could have milk for breakfast once more! I noticed a strange symbol on a rope around its neck, a hammer and sickle. I awoke everyone and showed it to them, Commandante observed it being the sign of Godless people, communists.

I spent the morning trying to milk the goat, but its udders were malformed and what milk it gave up was foul-tasting and of little sustenance, Sister Leonarda begged me to stop, her face was red, but I do not know what this signifies – please write and give guidance – is the possession taking hold?

As the sun rose, we saw a boy come over the hill towards us, he was herding the goats but looked scared of us, Commandante ordered him to take us to his tribe. He agreed and introduced himself as Trotsky. My goat was named Rosa Luxembourg, I gave it some cactus that it choked on, it is a Godless beast.


We arrived at a collection of yurts, a young, vigorous and confident woman approached us, holding out her hand, she announced, “I am Ascension. Be welcome. All are welcome. All are equal” We sat on the floor and listened to her, the tribe seemed to be scientists or wished to be scientists but they wore rags and sandals made out of tyres – They said they would ascend to the stars, but it would take time. Commandante looked unimpressed, he muttered “Podasist fools!” He then asked them what they knew of the Observatory. They replied that it was The Republic of Pharos, a collection of scientists, oligarchs who kept themselves to themselves. These frog people sound interesting if they can be converted to our faith. Towards the North is a powerful monarch who taunts and harasses the Ascension people.

Possdist tribe

Sister Leonarda instructed us to keep a census of all these people (we would return to judge them later), Sister Leonarda didn’t have a pencil, but I had one, so we used that. It is strange that Sister Leonarda is in charge when she is so disorganised, don’t you think Mother Superior? We noted 11 Adult Heathens and 14 Teenage Heathens. Judgement awaits them in the seas around the island.

judgement in the form of Torquemada & Sophia

Sister Leonarda sang off-key to the congregation and I performed my finger puppet show of the parables. I had long since lost my original puppets but by moulding goat dung over my fingers, I gave a passing representation of King Solomon and his seven wives, there were even currants for their eyes.  I saw the light of the Lord in a few of the watchers, maybe all is not lost.

Yours in ever loving glory, your obedient servant,

Sister Ralphela

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White Hounds Holocaust: Campaign 5: Commander SITREP

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White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 6: session 2 – Kittens & Racoons

Hastari has kindly written up Tuesday nights session for the Mariners following from their acquisition of the lecturn.

Jan 11 Session

The party managed to get the lectern and returned to the Roman camp. On our way in, Cesar spotted two scouts from the cannibal camp outside the Roman camp. Try to fool the cannibals that it was only the Romans who did them over (we had told them we were from the Prison). We stashed our bikes and took the lectern in to the Roman camp to great acclaim. We told them about the cannibal scouts and they were, strangely, not happy to hear about it. Papagonzalo convinced the Romans to go attack the scouts.

The party snuck out the back of the Roman camp along the beach, but Harry was not so stealthy. Cesar noticed and pulled him down out of sight of the cannibal scouts. Returned to our bikes and cycled home. We heard gunfire behind us. One of the cannibals was wounded and they were cornered in a building. Several of the Romans appeared to have been hit as well. Cesar could take a shot, but we decided to let the Romans and cannibals fight it out amongst themselves.

Slunk away in the late afternoon sun towards our camp with sporadic gunfire in the distance behind us.

Back at camp we were introduced to an ostentatious looking cape wearing character (Juavier Cornielus, Ed,) sent by Leury Tovar of the Prison, with a kitten. They were upset at being accused by the NATO cannibals of shaking them down for the lectern. We pleaded innocence and noted that it sounded like a Roman thing to go after an eagle lectern. He threatened us by threatening Tiddles the kitten, noting it was a fragile creature, much like peace. Cesar was not happy about that and let Mr. Fancy Cape know it. Benny interposed himself and got Cesar to back down.

Papagonzalo convinced him that the cannibals were the real threat to everyone, and the rational groups needed to stay on friendly terms. He pushed off, but noted that if they found out we were involved, they would expect recompense for it.

As evening fell, the party decided to head back to the coast and try to sneak a look at the ferry and try to figure out exactly what shape it is in. Harry heard something being pushed or pulled on wheels. Hid and tried to see what it was, it turned out to be 5 cannibals with a cart/wheelbarrow with an armoured shield and an HMG on it heading to the Roman camp. Convinced Cesar that we should let them pass and head on to the beach and the ferry. Cesar was learning to be a bit less impetuous and a bit more alive.

The party found the ferry (Volcana de Timar, 1500 passengers, 300 vehicles, 26 knot top speed) and Benny began checking out the engine room. Cesar placed himself on deck to see if he could see what was happening between the cannibals and the Romans. Harry looked for any small vessels on the ferry that we could use to get ourselves to and from the ferry without having to go through the Romans. Papagonzalo went to the bridge to look for any manuals and nautical charts that could be taken back to camp to be read.

Benny was attacked in the engine room by a furry creature coming out of the darkness! It turned out be a furious raccoon that bit him on his torso, but its yellow teeth scraped ineffectually against his armour. Benny gave the raccoon a panicked punch, causing it to scurry off back into the shadows. ( Remember dangerous Racoons ? Ed)

Cesar watched the fight developing between the Romans and cannibals and witnessed the 50 cal open up, its tracers lighting up the night sky. Many Romans were mowed down and they were forced to fall back.

Harry found a small boat that he thought we could potentially use. It would be a good way to get back and forth to the ferry.

Papagonzalo found a raccoon on the bridge and drew down on it with his bow. He shot it and skewered it, killing it instantly. He proudly proclaimed that “meat is back on the menu boys”. Harry came to the bridge and opened the door as a gang of raccoons then ran past him.

Benny checked the ferry engines and figured out the ship was salvageable, but needed new spark plugs, fuel lines, and replacing a clogged fuel filter. He then checked out the boat Harry found. The engine was not useable, but could possibly be rowed. The winch system was out of order though and Benny would have to fix that to launch it.

We checked the ship’s stores to see if we could find anything else to help fix the ferry’s engines. Harry and Papagonzalo were successful. Harry found a cordless drill. Papa found some Clorox bleach wipes, a liquor cabinet (sadly empty), a bead necklace, and half a bottle of porter.

Benny was able to figure out he might find some spark plugs out at the airport, fuel lines at the airport or the prison (rig something up from hoses), might find a fuel filter at the cannibals’ camp as they had some AFVs.

The group thought it might be an idea to move our camp to the ferry as it could be more defensible.

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White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 5: The Adventures of Liesl Wolff

player doc has written up this session in the hand of his character Liesel scout of the ERCE force from Las Palmas.

Dear Sofia,

As you can tell from this message, we have set up the first of the communication arrays.

Hah, but the Tinefenos are a strange bunch. There is much religion, but not the sort we have in Las Palmas! There is great strife between them, from the Warrior Nuns of Los Gigantantes to the fanatical Priests of the Bishop of Nuenovista del Nocte. And there are group called the Scientologists who seem to hate everybody!

Anyway, I am still travelling with the Commandante Doctor (he asks that I pass his good wishes to Gunther because of course he is such a chupar) and the Captain McTavish. We have gathered followers to aid us in our tasks – four warrior nuns Leonarda, Raphaela, Donnatella and the novice Michaelangela (who is my particular friend). We also have a Prisoner – Father Flaherty, who follows the Bishop and who was given to the Commandante for Questioning. You may wish to tell Gunther that Velasquez is in discussions for the Bishop to become the Eighth of Las Palmas – I am not sure who would be more angry to know I was telling you that! Anyway, Father Flaherty is not a simple clerigo . The Captain caught him dropping a matchbook with a message – he is espiar, I think!

So, our travels! They are not all Religious maniacos here (though I do wonder if many of them are their own sort of maniacos)!

There are group on buggies impulsed by the gasolina! They inhabit Las Manchas and they seem to drive around making a lot of noise and stealing the younger men – the Captain tells me it is to work, but I am no longer una joven – he blushed when he said this and I think they are being taken for hacer el amo.

They prey upon the Herders who live to the south – they are led by a woman named Dolores. I think you would like her – her answer to the raids is to take her people and hide! The Captain showed his cojones far better – standing down two Buggies carrying men with shotguns. He simply told them to turn around, and they fled. 

Again, back to our duties. We needed to travel through Las Manchas to get to Montanas Negras where the Commandante wishes to place the next Array. We sneaked through quite well – the men here are not as scornful of my hunting skills as Gunther. At one point we rescued some refugiadas from a ‘siam park’ – Leonarda wanted them for her Nun Commune, but we sent them to join Dolores.

Montanas Negras itself has a farming community with vegetable plots and llamas – bonita! The Commandante offered to pay them to guard our Array. But they did not want our trade goods – they wanted the Lunaticos of Las Manchas to have their Buggies destroyed – or even stolen!

This was no job for the Captain, the Commandante chose me and Pepe for the work as we are young and strong. I tried to ask Pepe about the danger, and whether this could be our last night alive, but he just said that he knew the Commandante would look after us. Los hombres!

I am writing to you before we set out – I am sure all will go well. I imagine I will lead the way, and perhaps the Commandante will do something useful for a change, like free slaves and destroy the fuel drums while Pepe and I distract the guards. 

Solo Dios sabe esto!

I trust that Gunther treats you well, adios con todo mi carino!


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Culture List 2021


I played mork borg, 1940s evacuee bubblegumshoe and ran gangbusters. i also attended and ran a hammer horror game at Grogmeat 2021. Unfortunately time restraints meant i had to drop out of Spectaculars. Most of the year was dominated by the groggie award winning White hounds holocaust Tenerife series of campaigns.


  1. cobra Kai S3
  2. Culture in quarrantine: art deco by the sea
  3. bridgeton
  4. worlds strongest man 2020
  5. discovery S3
  6. Disenchanted S3
  7. Best of Worlds strongest man ever
  8. Lower Decks
  9. The Serpent
  10. Christmas 2020 doctor who
  11. it’s a Sin
  12. Cricket (tests, ODI, It20, the hundred)
  13. resident alien
  14. the masked singer
  15. TJ Hooker (1 ep)
  16. bloodlines
  17. unforgotten (season Bacchus
  18. Quantico (5 eps)
  19. The Flight wdAttendent ( 4 eps)
  20. Bill Bailey Limboland
  21. Baachus Uncovered (BBC4)
  22. Fighting for King and Empire: Britain’s Caribbean Soldiers
  23. World’s Greatest Hotels: The Plaza
  24. Bloods: 1 episode
  25. Pursuit of Love
  26. Plaza: Grand Hotels
  27. Justified season 4 & 5
  28. inside no9 season 4
  29. the nevers (2 episodes)
  30. fargo season 4
  31. To the manor born (1 ep)
  32. tina turner at the bbc
  33. time turner interview
  34. Motherland
  35. Discovering Lee Marvin
  36. george michael easy to pretend
  37. be water ( bruce lee documentary)
  38. Legends of Tomorrow S6
  39. Homecoming S1 & 2
  40. Euro 2021 semi quarter & final
  41. panic
  42. stargirl s2 unfinished
  43. What if?
  44. dive, dive, dive
  45. vigil
  46. Britainnia S3 unfinished
  47. The Cleaner
  48. hitmen reloaded
  49. mark kermodes secret of cinema: horror
  50. BBC sings Bond
  51. lower decks S2
  52. what we do in the shadows s3
  53. outlaws
  54. worlds strongest man 2015
  55. UK strongest man 2019
  56. Worlds strongest man & qualifiers 2021
  57. eddie ernie and me
  58. breathe, release, restore
  59. headspace (netflix)
  60. hawkeye


  1. Doom
  2. beastmaster
  3. atomic blonde
  4. beastmaster 2
  5. The Mummy (1959)
  6. Arabian Adventure
  7. Doolittle
  8. Esio Trot 
  9. lake placid v anaconda
  10. Hound of the Baskervilles (1959)
  11. undead ibizia
  12. breakthrough (1980)
  13. the way ahead (1944)
  14. power play (1978)
  15. blackwater: Abyss
  16. Three Billboards: Ebbing: Missouri
  17. Hombre
  18. Dunkirk (2017)
  19. Army of Darkne
  20. Tombstone
  21. tora tora tora (battle scene / finale)!
  22. golden eye
  23. midsommar
  24. hard times
  25. tomorrow never dies
  26. martial law (1991)
  27. extraction
  28. ip man 3
  29. Rogue
  30. ip man 4
  31. ip man legacy: master z
  32. The Grandmaster
  33. sam Jones: life after flash
  34. fear is a killer
  35. rampage
  36. terminator
  37. street fighter
  38. the gorgon
  39. the medusa touch
  40. dr terror’s house of horrors
  41. Emperor of the North
  42. black sunday
  43. the legionnaire
  44. predators
  45. love and monsters
  46. Robin and Marion
  47. thunder force
  48. machine gun mccain
  49. train to busan
  50. murder on the orient express
  51. Stowaway
  52. Vampire Circus
  53. Cold Skin
  54. Diamond Mercenaries
  55. The Shape of Water
  56. death line
  57. scanners
  58. the man who haunted himself
  59. baby driver
  60. Deadpool
  61. the love punch
  62. sewers of gold
  63. witch finder general
  64. the predator
  65. little miss sumo
  66. Night of the Eagle
  67. Silent Partner
  68. godzilla king of monsters
  69. sleeping with the enemy
  70. Bullitt
  71. lust for a vampire
  72. Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman
  73. The Fury (1978) 
  74. 30 days of night
  75. V. I. Warshawski
  76. shout at the devil
  77. posse
  78. blood red sky
  79. Conan the Barbarian (1982)
  80. the Reptile (1956)
  81. The Omen III
  82. the dirty dozen
  83. the world trade centre
  84. driver
  85. went the day well
  86. Spider-man : far from home
  87. Revenge of Frankenstein
  88. Punisher: Warzone
  89. Theatre of Blood
  90. Jabberwocky
  91. Guns of Navarone
  92. Zombieland Double Tap
  93. the man who killed hitler & bigfoot
  94. sorry to bother you
  95. i walked with a zombie
  96. the curse of frankenstein
  97. frankenstein invented woman
  98. horror of frankenstein
  99. captain kronos  vampire hunter
  100. frankenstein and the monster from hell
  101. twins of evil
  102. The Innocents
  103. The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings
  104. Pet Semetary
  105. Hellraiser
  106. blood beast terror
  107. drag me to hell
  108. overlord (didn’t realise a rewatch)
  109. secrets of the marrowbone
  110. The Devil Rides Out
  111. halloween (2018)
  112. the ritual
  113. get out
  114. dracula ( dan curtis / jack palance)
  115. the vikings
  116. iron fists and king fu kicks (documentary)
  117. pirates of the caribbean : curse of the black pearl
  118. crouching tiger, hidden dragon
  119. once upon a time in china
  120. red notice
  121. play dirty
  122. terminator : dark fate
  123. the long and the short and the tall
  124. secret rites
  125. strippers vs werewolves
  126. mad max 2
  127. mad max beyond the thunderdrome
  128. enter the warriors gate
  129. the forbidden kingdom
  130. blood on satan’s claw
  131. restless natives
  132. ava
  133. behind enemy lines
  134. kung fu hustle
  135. shaolin soccer
  136. The Huntsman: Winter War
  137. The spider woman (1943)
  138. peppermint
  139. spider-man: no way home


  1. Thor Goddess of Thunder Volume 1
  2. Modern Fantasy
  3. classics illustrated no72: The Aeneid
  4. Lumberjanes vol 1
  5. goliath girls issue 1
  6. Hawkeye: Anchor Points (kate bishop) – Thomson, Romero, Walsh, Bellaire
  7. Hawkeye: my life as a weapon – matt fraction, AJA, Puldio


  1. Dragon 167


  • [ ] Enjoying work is as easy as CBT
  • [ ] Bearquake – Dave Griffiths
  • [ ] Indian Summer: The secret history to the end of empire – Alex Von Trunzelmann
  • [ ] creatures of light and darkness – roger zelzany
  • [ ] The Free State of Jones – Victoria E Bynum
  • [ ] The Vikings Guide to Good business (‘the kings mirror’)
  • [ ] Uncle Ramsay’s little book of Demons / Ramsay Dukes
  • [ ] Eight Gunshots – edited by Luke Foster
  • [ ] Self Discipline: How to avoid procrastination snd achieve goals in 10 east steps
  • [ ] The ship that died of shame : ten thrilling short stories – nicholas monsarrat
  • [ ] Coup D’etat a practical handbook : second edition – edward N luttwak
  • [ ] The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly Volume 1 – Andy Stimpson
  • [ ] Average 70kg Dickhead – Dan Pronk
  • [ ] Changing of the Guard – the British Army since 9/11 – Simon Akan
  • [ ] The Art of Prowling – Col. G.A.Wade
  • [ ] The sword & sorcery anthology – edited David G Hartwell & Jacob Weismann
  • [ ] The warriors queens : boadicea’s chariot – part one – antonia fraser
  • [ ] Aliens The Female War – Steve & Stephanie Perry
  • [ ] England’s screaming – sean hogan
  • [ ] the defence of bloodford village
  • [ ] a night in the lonesome october – roger zelzany
  • [ ] Avenging angel; john brown raid on harper’s ferryv1859 (osprey raid series ) Ron Field
  • [ ] Grey Wolf: U-Boat Crewman of World War II – Gordon Williamson, Illustrated by Darko Pavlovic (osprey)
  • [ ] British Submarines 1939-45 Innes McCartney illustrated by Tony Bryan (osprey)
  • [ ] scorpia by Antony horowitz
  • [ ] Redwall by Brian Jacques
  • [ ] World War II Jungle Warfare Tactics (osprey) – stephen bull, illustrated by steven noon
  • [ ] vikings (osprey ) ian heath illustrated by angus mcbride


  • Clinton Baptise : Stratospheric
  • Scouse Sleeping Beauty

New Games Read

  1. Black hack classic monsters
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White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 6: OTAN Cannibal Holiday

The Mariners were asked to accompany their leader Christian to a party being held by Milena Rosucci, leader of the Consulate. The Romano-Pagan community blocking their traditional sea access.

Harry used his epicurean skills to find a tin of caviar as a gift. Getting on their bikes they pedal down to the unfinished Hotel Anaza which is furnished in stitched together red banners marked SPQR and an array of a dozen garden centre greco-roman garden centre statutes.

Consul Milena was graciously impressed by the caviar and they recline to couches to enjoy a feast. Young Cesar enjoying talking weapons with local legionnaires noting their weapons are .22 light hunting rifles.


Things take a turn for the worse when Benny marches up to the Temple strikes a match on a statues bum to light his home rolled cigar snd when the party falls in stunned silence he stamps it out on hallowed ground. The Romans are aghast and use this a front to demand the visitors acquire a eagle shaped lectern they desire from the NATO cannibals at the old AALOG 81 barracks.

Papagonzalo interjects using his bardic skills to tell an epic tale of the Roman conquest of Iberia and how the Romans took the best from Iberia. Reducing his audience to tears Milena graciously decides to send a couple of her rifle armed hastari Marcus & Gracchus on the expedition. She also promises access to the liner if the lectern is provided for the temple,

The orator speaks

Regrouping back at chumberas the mariners have a good scrounge. They find rum, a circular saw, other tools, office equipment but collect the rum, some fuses and some anti nausea medicine together and set off,

The Barracks

Cesar scopes out the barracks from a opposite tower block seeing two lethargic guards on rooftops with G36 heckler and koch rifles – he also sees a bbq pit where the soldiers cook their victims.

He lets Papa, Harry and Benny know and they approach covered by the Cesar, Marcus and Graachus. Harry uses some crayons they found to improvise prison tattoos so they look like they come from the prison not their community.


They are greeted by Colonle Pelayo Capilla – stout woman commanding the cannibal garrison. They frostily talk trade but Harry detects she suffers from ulcers and is able to prescribe the newly found medicine as treatment (based on his reading on medical studies scavenged by Las Chumberas.)

The Colonle threatens the visitors and things escalate only Papagonzalo’s silver tongue stopping a massacre. When the Colonle realises she is under a sniper scope (spotting the Romans but not Chevaz ) she gets her Latvian Zouave to render the lecturn.

variety OTAN uniforms

Retreating they hope on their bikes and speed away, Returning to camp they need thing how to leverage the lectern for an advantage with the Consulate.

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White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 5: The secret diary of Captain Duggie McTavish (Age 63 ¾)

The secret diary of Captain Duggie McTavish (Age 63 ¾)

The Cap’n

Returning to his grand high muck muck Commandante Doctor Velazquez and his Gestapo coat (what is he a doctor of anyway?), Liesel and myself brought back the lassy magician Francesca and that mountain she drags around with her. Arno? Arnie? Anyway, that’s not important, he was useful in carrying that mad bastard sheep I had single handedly brought down with my cutlass. The wee Liesel had been bothering the magician for tricks and scampering about like the demented wee thing that she is.

Arno watch his pecs jiggle

When we arrived at camp the Commandante (made up title I’m sure) was skinned for a few litres of cooking oil when trying to play cards against the magician – who plays cards with a magician, they know what cards you have? Francesca noted that there has been activity on the east coast including a ship being stolen by some group of militant nutcases (great another group of nutcases, as if I don’t have enough here). Sitting around the fire we spent some time planning our next move, though the Commandante completely ignored my suggestions only listening to the scrap of a girl Liesel. So, it was decided to go and speak to the ‘hunters’ up on El Bujero to gain information and negotiate the putting up the first antenna.

The three are rather better armed than we are and it was decided to engage in friendly banter with them. It appears they are missing someone important from their party and are desperate to find them. They took rather an interest in our equipment but using canny guile I persuaded them to let us set up the antenna and not pinch it. It turns out they are even bigger idiots than the current lot, they seem to be following the old Scientology cult, always steered a course away from them lot when I saw them in the street. That said they appear to have quite the power as they are sailing with a flotilla of vessels including a couple of liners and several smaller ships commanded by a Commodore. One to avoid there I think, even what the Commandante and his cronies can put out are no match for anything that size, but if I could cut away a small boat and supplies…. Maybe in return for their missing elder….

The missing man

Well, first antenna is up, so we’re now heading into the badlands towards Montana Negra and the others have picked a bunch of the loony nuns as guards. They’ve also handed over that Catholic priest – not sure what for. I have no wish to see any man fed to the fishes but that one will be trouble; you mark my words.


White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 6: Las Chumberas Mariners

For this party the characters are from the district of Las Chumberas in urban centre of San Cristobal de la Laguna on the very north eastern tip of Tenerife.

Las Chumberas

A community of 50 odd souls with only 3 with memories from befall the fall it has a lack of understanding of pre-fall society and technical sophistication.

However the community does have a strong curiosity for pre-fall stuff so horde books and data on pre-fall stuff especially technical stuff even though they don’t fully understand it.

The community’s relative youthfulness mean it is very good scavenging, fit, healthy and sneaky. They Skilled boatmen and fishermen using canoes & zodiacs with outboard motors they portage to the coast using their bicycles and tricycles. They live inland to avoid coastal raiders. However a recent change in the coastal communities has blocked their access to the sea.

They want the relics of a pre-fall civilisation but are progressive and want to bike back better.

Despite a lack of technical understanding the community is quite good as basic crafts and coaxing old engines into life – mechanics etc;

They’ve looted weapons and armour from the Decathlon store sports equipment and medicine from the hospital.

The player characters are from a faction called the Mariners who were working on a ferry Volcana de Tinemar in docks till Milena Rosucci took over the coastal tribes and blocked their access to the sea.

The Mariners

Community not in a defensive position so pretty smart to have lasted this long. Maybe more over to the shopping centre. First objective is to secure access to the sea and or find another island. Using mechanical island ? Looking to for a Big ship to take over and (ferry centre) either a safe island or a floating community. They have bicycles! (rivalry with the skater kids)

Papagonzalo Lopez de Alcazar (Dave)

Papagonzalo was a holiday maker from mainland spain and like to go back to there. He was studying law from Grenada. He’s trying to mentor Cesar and inspire him of the promised land of mainland Spain with takes of how it used to be and explain netflix and apple. Resents being stuck on island by the disaster as he was forced to be on holiday in Tenerife being dragged along by family.

At 49 has post fall memories and has been pushing to get out of here. He realises the position isn’t the greatest place to be. He advocates for a nautical existence plying the coast on the ferry but privately has his mainland agenda.

He can read well and has older skills and can look at plans and documents etc; He’s armed with sporting bow & survival knife; Armour fashion from ikea padding m, kitchen wear and sporting protection.

Davide Arco de Tubarao (aka “The Shark”) (Brett)

Being the son of a Spanish woman and American this “gringo” escaped constant hassling by running away to sea. A natural talent with machines led this untrained mechanic to become part of the engineering team. Davide loves tinkering with engines and spending his shore leave beach combing for shark teeth. A bit of a prankster, he likes to snorkel with a shark fin on his back. Uses a aluminium baseball bat as a club and carries a sharpened sporting javelin.

Benedicto ‘Benny’ Simon Himinez Palacio (Martin)

40 year olds son of ships engineer not maybe a natural fighter but carries a harpoon gun. Papagonzalo is an inspiration to him and his dream for using the ferry has revitalised Benny’s desire for the nautical existence. However he doesn’t want to go to Spain and is exasperated by the harking on about a golden age. He also carries a complete ikea kitchen set of weapons.

Cesar Lorca Lopez (Huw)

a 25 year guy trained in shooting and mechanics – his big things are the acquisition of knowledge and really aligned to quest for knowledge. Helped with the engines on martin’s boat so a dependable apprentice type relationship. Good with a gun looking for a cause. He has seen theThames barrier in a book and wants to see it in real life. He has found an elite hunting rifle with limited ammunition and a combat knife.,

Cesar’s Antonio Zoli
Evolutuon rifle in .223 Winchester with Leica Fortis 6 2-12 x 50i scope
Harry Badem (Craig)

25 son a Turkish plastic surgeon and English hotelier. From his mother has medical and disguise skills with herbalism and excellent scrounging. He also speaks Turkish and some rough Arabic from some half hearted religious instruction . From his father he has talents for construction, catering and is something of a connoisseur of pre-fall epicurean delights. Attractive and charming but not a a natural conman as honest, genuine and a humanitarian. Carries a pre-fall fencing epee sharpened to a point and a sharpened sports javelin.

The Neighbours

The Positivists

At Tenerife North Airport this cordial if small bunch of believers in the power of positive thinking trade mechanical tools and lubricants with the Chumberans for fish, other foods and consumer goods.

The Prison

South of the airport and west from our heroes is the prison where a community of Catholic enthusiasts have settled. Only 50 strong and well armed with looted arms they have taken to hectoring and dictating moral laws to the surrounding communities including the progressive Chumberans.

San Cristobal Super League

Tower of Justice and hall of friendship

a small community of 20 or so atheists based in the Iglesia de la Concepción or as the call it the Tower of Justice and Hall of Friendship. They take moral inspiration and framework from silver age comic books at a nearby comic shop they looted. As such they tend to be hectoring moral purists with a nice line in capes tending to talk in capital letters and unfriendly with the nato cannibals or skater dudes.

Super League Standby !

The Coastal Consulate

A small community of 29 taken over and wielded into a force by Milena Rosucci an Roman pagan and political exile from elsewhere. She puts on great parties for other leaders and is building a temple but as part of her power play is blocking the Mariners from the Ferry terminal.


Based at the old AALOG 81 Barracks is a 20 person detachment based on an old NATO cross unit intelligence unit. They have debased to cannibalism bud mike lions lazily pick off strays and weaklings. The older ones keep NATO dress and uniforms the longer weave ponchos with stylisations of NATO flags, Thry remain well armed but consider the affairs of local peons beneath them. The force includes members or descendants of :

  • Royal Danish SOKOM (Special forces)
  • Spanish Foreign Legion
  • A jovial giant of a German gebirgsjäger
  • Norwegian Forsvarets Spesialkommando
  • Belgian Special Operations Regiment
  • French Foreign Legion
  • Welsh Guards
  • Latvian Rifles (though youngsters taken on Zouave embellishments )


Based around an old office building and tobacco warehouse this is a centre of dope and tobacco dealing. This leads to conflict with the nearby Suoerleague often resolved through ritual confrontations and dance offs. They do however practice kung fu as well as skateboarding and are fairly devout if relaxed Catholics who believe on the seventh day god rolled a fat one and tuned in.

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White Hounds Holocaust Campaign: Operation Cortez (ERCE3) – El Bujero

Liesel and Captain Mctavish are sent to check out the first relay site a rock formation known as El Bujero. They travel to the paladins of Punta de los Machos for local knowledge. They find the shark leather and bottle too stud armoured nuns leading a wild mob threatening to sacrifice a figure off the Gigantes cliffs.

Father Flattery

Asking questions they find the nuns are angry at this evangelising priest. They offer to interrogate the cleric and much to the disappointment of waiting Orcas Torquemada & Isabella are allowed to take him off under careful observation from an armed nun.

The Priest is a missionary from a ‘order of Saint Gabriel’ working for a Bishop of Buenavista del Norte. The adventurers note this as an ally or potential threat. They tell the nuns the Commandante will be very pleased and want to talk to the Priest gaining him a reprieve from being killer whale kibble. They find out the nuns dislike a community of lesbians based in a yoga ashram to the north. Noting this they continue with their recce.

El Bujero

Approaching the junta mandated first relay site they spot three figures in mismatched camouflage with hunting guns bidding there.

Using dead ground Liesel sneaks up and listens she hears them taking about being an ‘op o’ and looking for outside and influence and a missing person. She also spots a hidden engine and polymer wings camouflaged out of sight. They refer to reporting to a ‘sea org.

Liesel tries to sneak closer to look at the hidden craft but is spotted. She plays dumb as a shepherd and is asked if she’s seen a man wearing a piece of jewellery – she pretends she might of and finds the soldiers will be there a week.

the missing man

Journeying back they find their path blocked by an angry Mouflon sheep which charges. Leisels arrows miss or bounce off but the Captain draws his cutlass hobbling and butchering the sheep.

Journeying back they encounter a top hated woman and muscly man – Francesca and Arno – a magician and assistant. Liesel is charmed by the magic tricks and invites them back to camp to meet the Commandante and share the sheep.

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