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Pink Gins & Googlies 7: 3 Liberty for Suborea !

Need Kelley takes the girls to his tribe – past their numerous defensive traps to their hidden caves. There they are taken to the Jolly Old Swagman leader of the tribe who wears captured molemen re-breathers abs other kit as jewellery.

Need explains the ladies of the Cranford Ladies College old girls touring XI have come to supply the tribe with wives. Not fancying matrimony to a bunch of hollow earth barbarians the girls propose another plan with their boom-sticks and leadership they’ll lead the tribe in storming the molemen’s castle – then lead the tribe to ‘the topside’ where they can find all the wives they want.

Their counter proposal is accepted. With Mags and Edith putting together some grenades from local gourds and Hettie and Gwen following Need they lead the tribe on a sally through underground tunnels to a sally port of the molemen castle.

Which is guarded by 3 troglodytes – two with ray guns and one with a short glaive. Hettie attacks with a blowpipe and the leads them on a chase so Need can backstab with Hettie, Gwen and other tribes peoples help dispatch the two with ray guns.

Edith and Mags grab ray guns. The Trog armed with a glaive staggers injuries through a keypad door that Edith jams open with a rock – and Hettie jams a second open with corpse of a fleeing guard shooting a blow dart down his ear into his brain.

Entering a upward curbing corridor they explore – finding a central column where submarines are being constructed with a central hub and wiring. Jumping on to the sub – Edith determines the hub is in fact a child brain and these are the submarines exported to the likes or Von Vulcan and Shun Wu on the surface

Gwen rushes down to try and find the rest of the children – listening at the door, she falls through into nine trogs having a shower. They pursue after her running into a fusillade of the tribes, girls and Megs widely firing her ray gun into the ceiling.

Klaxons sound and an army of Trigs come at them heavily armed – confronted and outnumbered the Jolly Swagman challenges the leader of the molemen to a challenge his champions agains theirs in a battle of skill and wits under the old law.

But what is the battle to be – the girls have the answer of course A GAME OF CRICKET !

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Lunchtime lairs Marvel FASERIP: Legion of Liverpool Legends 6# Day at the Museum

Boreas and Danger Dan responding to the Williamson phone here of a panic at the World museum Liverpool. While Dan glides BoreS speeds on a Triad-bike (trike) to the scene where Merseyside’s finest are surrounding the building they’ve evacuated. Speaking to museum goers they report scary figures with electric eyes. The police ok the legends checking out the site.

Entering the ground floor they are attacked by the small dinosaur model in the main hall – Boreas fires ice balls causing it to slip and Dan wrestles it they then grab a tray of chicken from the nearby cafe and lure it into the peak locks – capturing it.

They get a lift up to the Egyptian floor when the electric eyes where seen. Sneaking in with Dan using his light manipulation to hide them they see the large statues of sekumet animated on patrol with sparks erupting from their eyes .

Sneaking past them they found a strange man in tweed stealing various artefacts and putting them in automated tray following him about. Dan attacks and the man pulls dust from his pocket and animates a load of shabati (miniature servants) who lay into Dan.

Boreas failing to raise any dogs to his side runs past the lioness goddesses into the world cultures exhibit gets a sword and is smashed and knocked out. Dan falling under Shabati attack uses his time power to snap back when they first saw the man.

They pickpocket his top pocket of magic dust and sprinkle it on his suit. Boreas through sheer will animates the suit and takes it off the villain ‘professor tweed’ reconfiguring it at a tweed leotard for Danger Dan.

Handing Professor Tweed who was stealing to order to the authorities they return to Triad by riding the animated Superlambananna. Dan takes a complaint from pension Fred over how the Legends only deal with city centre crime which as the conversation evolves results in Dan getting a pensioner side kick – Fearsome Fred !

Tweed Leotard

A Faerie piece of costume which generates an endless supply of magic dust which will animate models or statutes which will operate at the command of the wearer. They will have appropriate skills at remarkable ie Beatle statues music, earl of beaconsfield oratory , liverbirds flight & claws, superlambanana running etc

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Pink Gins & Googlies 7: 1 & 2 Perth to Suborea express

The adventurous ladies of the Crawford Old Girls touring XI determine to investigate the Perth Ship yard Alpaca Lords which seems to supply submarines to super villains.

They carry out several investigations find out it has no employees as such but recruits one scholarship boy through an open completion from local schools.

They interview parents and find the boys write but never return. The parents get pills ‘to help’ and money from their boys.

The interview a bitter boy who failed the completion age is in skid row and another whom it was the making of him and became a surgeon. They get little insight into the completion though the boys are accompanied by invigilators are ‘ little bald men’ and ‘cold fish.’ They boys are accompanied by chaperones – teachers from their school.

They speak to the head of one school and follow a chaperone Mr Perkins bit he phones his masters at the shipyard warning them of their investigations.

The ladies discuss matters in their room and find themselves listened to my a curious scaled monkey. When they capture it and cut of its stubby tail they find it contains a radio antenna the beast is not surgically altered but grown with electrical components.

Gwendolyn turns on the charm and schmoozes a spin with a local pilot – finding no railhead or supply road into the yard. Also flirting with a city clerk she finds no sewer supplies to the centre.

Edith looks at the harbour record and finds no Maritime supplies to the yard – how does it build ships ?

The ladies eventually hire a yacht and stake out the shed. There seems to be no security other than security lights and only movement is once a week and man in heavy coat and hat empties the post box.

They resolve on burglary for answers. Using a possum to test the fence and finding it isn’t electrified they proceed to cut the wire. Gwen picking the lock the slide the doors but one scrapes making a noise and despite noise is bad on closing. A light goes on in the mezzanine level of the yard dominated by a huge conveyor belt feeding from the depths of the earth.

Two muscular stooped figure speaking a guttural language Edith thinks might be ancient hyperborean. They search and one stays while one runs to the office

Gwen chases after one – the one staying spots Edith and grabs her – Hettie starts to fight her with her sledge hammer. Mags runs to a control panel and starts experimenting.

Gwen finds the ‘troglodyte’ daring a tank with a mole man in – a locker opens in with a glass barrel ray gun.

Gwen shots the ray gun producing a explosion. Mags puts on thr lights stunning the trog. The cat out of the bag Hettie pulls a revolver and finishes him.

Mags finds a vacuum tube and personal transport tubes alongside the conveyor belt – rather than face the wrath of the mole men the gals jump into the canisters and using the auto loader shoot into the bowels of the earth. Hurtling at these speeds rattles Gwen who of all the girls understands how quick it is

They erupt into dull red light into a strange dull world dominated by red ferns & a strange castle.

Calculating they are at the earths core they flee mole men gyrocopters from the castle into the jungle. There they find themselves followed by a human ‘need Kelley’ who is intrigued by a Sheila’s and belongs to a tribes of escaped human slaves – the scholarship boys brains being used in molemen machines !

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Lunchtime lairs Marvel FASERIP: Legion of Liverpool Legends 4# Kraken Kerfuffle

The Legion’s downtime was interrupted by a small tsunami that washed over the Mersey, bringing with it a large mass that made its way up the river. The Legion watched the carnage from the Triad as the river washed away cars and spun a container ship crashing in to a large crane. The crane buckled. Atop it, a protester dressed as Batman clings on for dear life.

Our heroes spring in to action – Danger Dan leaps from the window and glides towards the crane whilst Boss Banana and Boreas jump in a helicopter. They fly to the crane and can see dock workers struggling underwater. Danger Dan brings ‘Batman’ in to the helicopter and Boreas jumps with an inflatable dingy towards the water. He belly flops the dingy, taking a bit of damage. Boss Banana leaps to the base of the crane to tip it towards the water but lands badly.

Suddenly, a large tentacle springs from the wave and swipes at the helicopter – just clipping it.

Boss Banana tries to swing the collapsing crane towards the water and succeeds. But the Kraken darts away, making a break towards the Pier Head. The Legion regroups aboard the helicopter and pursues.

Danger Dan’s hologram of a Ms. Kraken only enrages the lonely monster.

Boss Banana and Boreas jump out at Brunswick Dock, using a light hologram of the helicopter (courtesy of Danger Dan) to hide their approach. Boreas summons a pack of dogs to bark at the Kraken and Boss Banana tips some turbines in to the river, reversing the electrical current from the national grid to try and electrocute the Kraken – with moderate success.

Danger Dan glides out of the helicopter, leaving it to crash in to the Kraken’s eye – but forgetting that the ‘Batman’ protestor was still inside! The helicopter explodes against the Kraken, drawing blood and killing Kamikaze Batman.

A tentacle attack takes a chunk out of Boss Banana and Boreas. Meanwhile, Danger Dan glides in to the Kraken’s eye, punching it and holding on as it sprays ink in defence. Boss Banana is hit with some electrical feedback, frying some circuits after the Kraken throws a spare wind turbine at him. A curled tentacle slams Boreas, but he uses the opening to command his pack of dogs to run up the tentacle and bite in to the Kraken’s face.

One last fist from Boss Banana and the Kraken falls limp and lifeless. As the survivors of the attack swim to shore, Boreas gathers his pack and they fashion a dog sled to ride back to Bootle in style.

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Lunchtime lairs: villain profile: The Cryptozoologist

From Wednesdays Danger Dan one shot here is the Cryptozoologist.

Fighting: Typical

Agility: Good

Strength: Good

Endurance: Excellent

Reason: Remarkable

Intuition: Remarkable

Psyche: Remarkabke

Health 46

Karma 90

Talent: Biology, zoology, tracking, cybernetics

Equipment: cybernetic control material, stolen quintet, remarkable strength stun blaster

Abbas Haddad was an Iraqi refugee settles aged 8 in Solihull in 2005. Bullied at school the academically talented Abbas through himself into the sciences however on getting to university he found his interests drew him to fringe sciences in particularly Cryptozoology. Unfortunately this led to him being ostracised in academia which brought back memories of his boyhood bullying. Something snapped.

Determined to prove his cryptozoological theories correct as the Cryptozoologist equipped with a flask of weak lemon squash and public endangering plans will use SCIENCE! To show those establishment fools know nothing.

Alternate costumes once my kids got hold of the sketch.

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Lunchtime Lairs: Marvel FASERIP Solo Daring Deeds of Danger Dan 1# Ai Capybara !

With Boss Banana recharging after watching too much local election coverage, Boreas doing his community service & Bugbear doing science stuff Danger Dan finds himself taking at call in the Triad.

He is invited to provide celebrity endorsement and colour for a self help book by its author April Caerphilly.

They agree to meet at Chester zoo. At the zoo they agree terms but their discussion is interrupted by terrified zoo goers fleeing the rabid Barbara Minerva – Cheetah !

Danger Dan to the rescue !

Dan hurls himself into the fray and after some nasty wounds manages to get Minerva in a headlock with his wrestling moves. Fortunately police and zoo keepers help him cuff and cage the berserk were beast.

As the cage door shuts on Cheetah a jet takes off from the zoo from the Capybara enclosure – the Wonder Woman villain has no memory how she ended up at Chester zoo – but was a diversion.

Dan contacts Ann Field back at the Triad. She flies the Triadcopter to get him and tracks the jet to Lake Bala.

I’m hot pursuit Dan flies down to be confronted by a man in an anorak, woolly hat and man bag controlling a herd of Capybara with robotic helmets via a remote.

He announces himself as the Cryptozoologist and has captured the Capybara to lure the beast of lake Bala (Llyn Tegid) ‘Teggie.’ (He believed Capybara are related to its prehistoric prey.)

Dan wrestles him – knocking him out and getting the control and the herd back in the jet. Just as Teggie rears from the lake. The Cryptozoologist awakens and photos the creature – Dan let’s the rodents escape via a cockpit window and then takes on the lake beast.

His attempt to fit an animal control helmet to the monster fails but he then grabs and wrestled its tongue. Dragging half choking it towards the lake and then using his light manipulation to divert and distract it back into the lake.

Forcing the Cryptozoologist to fly the animals back to the zoo and then them both to the Triad. At the Triad Dan tried to persuade the mad scientist to reform and join the League as a hero but the ‘ologist is still committed to crazy schemes to unlock the creatures hidden from science – whatever the cost.

With regret Dan hands him over to the police – though the Cryptozoologist promises to be back.

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Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Liverpool Legion Of Legends 3# Get off ya horse and drink ya milk

Our heroes awake – their triad headquarters is trashed – Liverpool is smoking hole, the city is covered in undergrowth and corpses.

Exploring they find no car is older than 1985 and looking in an abandoned Safeway’s find a newspaper from 1985 ‘ PRESIDENT WAYNE THREATENS SOVIETS’

They determine they are in an alternate timeline and have been saved by destruction (for now) by Danger Dan’s time field.

Heading to Bootle library they find out the following

  • John Wayne became President
  • Ronald Reagan rather than John Wayne died of cancer in 1979
  • Ronald Reagan rather than Wayne starred in the Conqueror. A 1956 genghis Khan biopic filmed by nuclear test grounds which many cast and crew died of cancer.
  • Both actors when represented by famous Hollywood agent Kevin Ang (or K.Ang)
  • Bootle library’s very good on 1950s Hollywood

Jumping in a Delorean (Wayne saves the company) they use Danger Dan’s time Power and jump to… 1919 Mexico ! After an altercation with rebels they jump again. But Bugbear disappears the new timeline is penetrating Dan’s time bubble.

This time in 1952 Hollywood. They find Kevin Ang’s mansion and failing to con their way in assault the place battling past laser beam firing Greek god statues. Boreas makes an ice prism that reflects their death rays exploding them.

Boss Banana ‘kook-aids’ the mansion wall and they burst in – shot at by a butler with a starro on its face. After a brief fight Dan wrestles him and removes the mind control parasite.

The victim is Alfred Pennyworth from 1985 – no doubt one of Kang’s trophies. As they debate the master of the house comes in dropping his 50s disguise they find themselves battling Kang.

The Liverpool Legends throw everything they can but find the Time Master’s forcefield too tough. Eventually with Dan and Boreas retreating with Alfred, Boss Banana brings the house down – Samson like on him and the tyrant both. As they claw out the rubble the council robot manages to slap the starro on Kang and while he’s stunned bind him in 50s plumbing.

Bugbear returns – the timeline is restored and they return to 2020. The UNIT helicopter that collects Stang (the starro Kang cross) causing further noise complaints from Bootle residents.

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