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Weapons of Tenerife

Some notes on the prevalence of firearms on Tenerife – they will be rare – perhaps 10% of a community will have guns and ammunition will be rarer after 30 years.

Bodyguards can use .38 pistols and high profile or threatened individuals can apply for a concealed carry license. Around 70,000 targeting shooting pistol licenses have been issued in Spain as opposed to 8,000 authorised to carry a combat pistol for self defence. This contrasts with total 3 million arms registered with 1.1 million Spanish gun owners.

Hunting weapons are available. Legally Magazine capacity for semi-automatic centerfire rifles is limited to 4 rounds for sports shooting and 2 rounds for hunting; semi-automatic shotguns are limited to 3 rounds. Rimfire rifles, regardless of type have no magazine limit. Rifles chambered for certain cartridges with military origins are prohibited, such as .223/5.56 NATO and .50 BMG. The .308 Winchester and 7.62×39 mm (AK round) cartridges are only permitted in bolt-action, repetition or single-shot firearms.

WW2 era weapons from chases left in case of allies invasion.

1950s Spanish Army rifles like the Mauser derived FR7 , FR 8 and CETME model 58 ancestor of the heckler and Koch G3. These could be army surplus stocks or NATO gladio caches.

gPostwar SMGs like the Star Z-63, Z84 or CETME C2could also be in sane caches.

Spanish police have guns like the universal service pistol & H&K MP5 , G36 rifle and G3 rifle

The Spanish Army also uses the USP and G36 with other arms – there are multiple units on Tenerife.

  • So roughly Tenerife with have
    • 160 automatic pistols / revolvers
      1400 target pistols
      58,500 other weapons (hunting / target long arms – say 30% rim fire rifles, 60% shotguns & 10% centre fire rifles )
      Say 1000 modern military guns (say 80% G36)
      Say 1000 modern police guns (say 80% pistols)
      Say 1000 antiquated military guns (say 80% rifles – 50% WW2 and 50% post war)
      Criminal weapons say 2,000 (say 80% handguns – then 10% shotguns, 5% SMGs and 5% assault rifles )

    Plenty of material for a random weapons table.

    This is a plentiful supply for the post disaster population of Tenerife – however ammunition is likely to be precious after 30 years of post fall conflict. Very few communities will be able to reload brass – some might have engineered the process but with primitive power producing single shot weapons – all will not be as it seems.

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    White Hounds Holocaust / Aftermath Tenerife advent 0.1 the Thomas Cookaneers

    A session zero report contains minor spoilers

    A tour bus being lead by Tour rep Stella is dropping tourists at their hotels at Playa las Americas including George smith painter and decorator. They suddenly all feel quite queasy – Stella notes in the sky a blazing comet and recalls talk of a near miss event.

    Chaos and confusion on the ring road cause a lot of danger so Stella gets the coach to pull off the motorway but it gets trapped between crashed cars on the slip road. Stella leads the tourists off the bus and sees a chunk come off comet and fall in the sea causing a massive tsunami.

    Stella and the tourists run to a shopping centre building Stella and George making it to the top storey. The tsunami hits washing slower tourists away. Stella and George equip stroke arm and armour themselves with stuff from a sporting goods store. They get to the roof and see scenes of disaster.

    Topping up supplies they run into injured policemen he tells them to stay up but going round a corner they hear shots and two tattooed brits come round so they hide on the roof. Smaller pieces of the comet tail are hitting the islands and seas causing devastation.

    Eventually sneaking down they’re confronted by the thugs who have been drinking beer in the cafes. They pal along but eventually fast talk the hooligans into lending them their guns and trick them into a cold store and barricade them in.

    Taking a rubber dingy from a trashed sports store they head to the harbour. Despite all the damage and death they find and upturned motorboat that was cushioned by an inflatable.

    They set sail. They manage to flood the engine, they fail to row the boat. Eventually George’s carpentry rigs a sail and they realise they can’t sail – eventually a larger vessel appears. A tour boat now only with Russians on it – Stella shoots their leader with the stolen pistol and her and George take over.

    Fast forwarding – they scrounge more ships and arms and develop a protection racket for coastal communities ‘ATOL’ (at all times) protection. Stella develops more languages, diplomacy and organisation and George more maritime craft skills. The Thomas Cookaneers in looted mustard Thomas cook livery and flying yellow heart flags are a force in the north western tip of the island.

    Over time they find in the course of comets passing the debris led to some nuclear panics and limited exchanges and skirmishes. While it stopped short of Armageddon combined with the internet and communications destruction caused it led to social collapse.

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    Blackhack Moor

    The initial funnel for a casual black hack game based on my earlier idea.

    Each player will roll up 4 level zero apprentices who have appeared on Blackhack Moor to try their luck adventuring. A standard blackhack roll for statistics and 1d3 hit points. Roll for apprenticeship on the following table:

      Sail maker
      Gong farmer
      Rat catcher
      Light boy
      Street sweeper
      Small holder
      Fisherman – net
      Chicken farmer
      Woodsmen / lumberjack
      Brewer / Alewife
      Waiter / serving wrench
      Beef farmer / herdsman
      Diary farmer / herdsmen
      Crop farmer
      Fisherman – line
      Fisherman – specialist (ie shellfish, whaler etc)
      Street vendor
      Fortune teller
      Horse doctor
      Fruit farmer
      Jam maker
      Cheese maker
      Nurse / nanny
      Cake maker

    100. Distiller

    Being an apprentice is rubbish so the characters go into dungeon with one piece of equipment related to apprenticeship as a ‘weapon’ (ie pitchfork for cereal farmer, shovel for gong farmer, broom for street sweeper etc) and torches.

    Let the chaos commence

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    Afterman Tenerife: White Hound Holocaust

    An update on the preparatory work for Aftermath Tenerife which is now called White Hounds Holocaust. The White Hounds are the a reference to the dogs which the Canary islands are named after.

    The Disaster

    Now we have determined there will be few if any more session zero I can confirm that the disaster that led to the collapse of civilisation 30 years before play is

    • A near miss orbital object with tidal pulls and multiple small meteor strikes from it’s tail debris (a la Lucifier’s Hammer.)
    • A solar pulse that fried electrics (a la Cobra)
    • Opportunist or accidental very limited nuclear exchanges and accidents in the context of the astronomical accident.

    The Communities


    Old Scouser Roleplaying helped me divide the island of Tenerife into 6 mile hexes. Some gaming friends provided inspiring write ups for select communities and others we played a session zero through the disaster to develop communities.

    For the balance, using a combination of the old Rolemaster Campaign law table to determine economic model, sexual politics/inheritance, system of government for each hex.


    I have then used different random number ranges for different combinations of economy and nature of the hex to determine the population of the hex.  I’ve then determined the population ranges, A community that has many young children is very different to one of free fall survivors. Likewise one that is majority women could be very different to one where women are a small minority, Non-binary populations have also been reflected in bilateral communities.  @dicemechanic helped with the spreadsheet and spreadsheet education.

    The Leaders


    To determine the nature of the communities I have rolled the nature of leaders through using the method Tony Bath used in his 1960s Hybroian campaign which is playing card based. The one addition is if a character gets a joker I’ve rolled on the Palladium mental illness table.

    The involves interpretation between the different factors i.e. a mature woman from a small community with great lover card and two loyalty cards and from the UK I’ve interpreted as a family obsessed East end matriarch type.

    This level of detail gives me a firm basis for recording consequences of player character actions which is a lesson I’ve learnt from my Cheshire Pendragon experience.

    The Campaign and characters 

    As discussed under another article the initial campaign will be players as members of one of two Pharos Republic away teams trying to secure new supplies of medicine and establish civilisation on the island.

    To be clear this Campaign is about rebuilding civilisation on the backbones of trauma and brutality. While I’ve no intension for the game to be salacious the Party will be confronting potential issues of slavery, conquest, sexual politics, prejudice and brutality. I will not want the unpleasantness to flow over into say unacceptable language at the table and will look to present the challenges in such a tasteful way. Ultimately the PCs are a force for good though have to be mindful of the temptations of colonialism.  The core purpose of the game is to be a grounded adventure game and I will need to give some thought to safety tools.

    The characters will all be expected to take a sense of duty to keep them ‘on mission’ but not necessarily the same sense of duty. One might be loyal to the team, one to the Pharos Republic, one committed to rebuilding civilisation for all humanity. These contrasts will create dramatic tension in the party.

    Likewise would want each character to have some sense of morality but again this could differ. A former biker could have a ‘pirates code of honour’ while a Buddhist monk could have severe vows and pacifism – again the tension between Away Team members moralities will generate roleplaying opportunities.

    I am currently thinking of running for two parties – either different days of the week or alternate weeks exploring the island in different directions.

    Rather than write session notes I’d ask the players to write brief ‘ log’ entries in character as notes of the session and publish on the blog as the consequential nature of the campaign will demand more of me.


    When the population and leaders are determined I will look at the intersection between hexes for scenarios coming out of the external relationships. I will also internal factors from politics, environment etc so each hex will have 6-12 seeds much of which will superseded as the PCs generate their own adventures in the sandbox.

    What do you think ? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions ?










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    Pink Gins & Googlies 11.4 Family Finale

    Having seized the French airship the girls find it locks down and under autopilot zips across the skies. Contessa Lemichello wrestles with the controls to no avail as the other girls attend to find an escape route.

    The airship descends into a giant barn in rural Long Island who’s roof opens to reveal a glowing white panel interior filled with wires and van der graff generators. The floor also opens and the airship also descends as curious masked figures scuffle in the shadows.

    Landing in the bowels of the earth the girls determine that the Contessa and Hettie will hide in storage closets while Mavis, Jemima and Gwen will allow themselves to be captured by the curious gasmasked goons who board the ship.

    The girls are frogmarched into a complicated lab with five striking women.

    The brunette with the tie says ‘hello great grand mother’ to Gwen. The Asian woman recognises Jemima as her great grand mother. The quintet are concerned that the other girls haven’t been captured. In conversation it becomes clear that the great-grand children are intending to imprison the gals. Jemima insists on a cup of tea as she protests. Detecting it’s sedated she spits it out.

    Meanwhile guards searching the air ship find Flossie who jumps them – Hettie joins in and they don their guards all governing garb and sneak into the debate.

    Jemima gets into a wide ranging debate with the great grand-daughters determining

    • They’ve stolen their Girls to stop the institutions they set up ( the Larwood physical excellence institute & Devonshire Detective Agency are mentioned) foiling their future plans.
    • They expect to ensure they’re own birth through artificial insemination.
    • They’ve pulled together enemies from across the tour (including Shun Wu who was over zealous with the mines and gremlins which was a bit dangerous and she shares a great grandchild with Jemima.)
    • They got time travel reverse engineering from Empire du Monde dimensional transport when the french approached them on a scheme
      The time terror’s motive is that they are trying to save the world in future from the pro pollution status quo that is destroying the planet
  • It’s clear the descendants view of the gals is shaped by this grandmothers and mothers memories of their matriarchs (our heroes.)
  • In a poignant scene Jemima asks why they can’t change bigger events ie go back and prevent the Great War and save her brother – it turns out they tried but ‘busy bodies’ protect the time streams and ‘major events.’
  • Gwen is gutted to hear the Cranford ladies college closed in the 1970s becoming a hotel and no one any longer plays the Suborean ashes in Mag’s memory. There are dark hints the Empire is no more and the Devonshire family have fallen into obscurity.
  • Gwen breaks and holds Jemima at gun point threatening to wipe out one grandchild – while Jemima proposes rather than prison the future ladies give the old girls knowledge to build the foundations for the 21st century plans. Agreed the oldest future woman – General Tyson a descendent of Flossie prints out some very specific investment advice (especially around 1929..)
  • Agree with Flossie and Hettie revealing themselves and both parties warning the other again treachery they notice a cricket bat. It turns out the new girls play. As things are tidied up teams are assembled and some confused 15th century Dodos in the undergrowth of Mauritius see a Cranford Old Girls XI take on a Cranford Descendents XI in an inpromptu match …
  • Cranford Ladies will return ….

    Maybe in the past , or the present or the future …

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    Aftermath Tenerife: the Pharos Republic

    The basis and base for GURPs aftermath Tenerife adventures will be Pharos Republic ‘away teams operating out of what is currrbt known as Mount Teide Observatory (concept courtesy of my mate Dave)

    The Republic

    In middle of the island surrounded by scrub and hostile tribes of ‘brutals.’

    The Republic has a population of around 120 adults 30 kids groups include original academic staff, engineering/maintenance crew, hotelse and ancillary staff and their partners including a sergeant in the Civil Guard and half dozen colleagues and last but not least around 20 foreign students.

    It has Poly tunnels and greenhouses for growing veg and the are a few pigs and chickens kept.

    As well as the solar cells the are also a number of wind turbines providing some basic electricity. The is a ham radio half dozen service pistols and a couple of assault rifles limited ammo around 40 shotguns / hunting rifles with relatively plentiful ammo (they can re fill the shells) Government known as senate 3 academics 3 engineers and 3 civilians everyone can speak at meetings.

    The Away Teams

    The community has started to fall low on medical supplies and hence has trained ‘away teams’ to travel out in order to

    1) scavenge supples

    2) explore the strange new terrain of post fall Tenerife and the new communities and civilisations contained within.

    3) look for suitable diplomatic and trading contacts

    There are two away teams one sent north and one south consisting of the following specialists in different coloured shirts

      White – medical
      Gold – diplomatic / administration
      Green – tactical
      Red – engineering
      Blue – science

    Away Team training

    The idea of this is to speed up character generation with the often complicated GURPs system and give clear roles for the party members.

    The away team training provides a template for building GURPs characters.

    Basic training (12pts)

    Hiking (p/e) 1pt HT

    Swimming (p/e) 1pt HT

    Navigation (m/a) 2pt IQ

    First Aid (m/e) 1pt IQ

    Guns (pistol) (p/e) 1pt DX

    Guns (longarm) (p/e) 1pt DX

    Brawling (p/e) 1pt DX

    Survival (scrub) (m/a) 2pt IQ

    Stealth (p/a) 2pts DX

    Medical. (20pts )

    First Aid (+3) IQ+2

    Diagnosis (m/h) 4pts IQ

    Physiology (m/h) 4pts IQ

    Surgery (m/VH) 4pts IQ-1

    Pharmacy (m/h) 4pts IQ

    Psychology (m/h) 1pts IQ-2

    Diplomacy / Administration (20pts)

    Leadership (M/A) 2pts IQ

    Diplomacy (M/H) 4pts IQ

    Fast Talk (M/A) 2pts IQ

    Administration (M/A) 2pts IQ

    Merchant (M/A) 2pts IQ

    Public Speaking (M/A) 2pts IQ

    Cartography (M/A) 2pts IQ

    Detect lies (M/H) 4pts IQ

    Tactical / Scout (20pts)

    Guns (pistol) (P/E) +3pts DX+2

    Guns (longarm) (P/E) +3pts DX+2

    Short sword (baton) (P/A) 2pts DX

    Knife (P/E) 1pt DX

    brawling (P/E) +1 DX+1

    Wrestling (P/A) 2 DX

    Tracking (M/A) 2 IQ

    Tactics (M/H) 2pts IQ-1

    Camouflage (M/E) 2pts IQ+1

    Savoir Fair (military / police ) (M/E) 1pt IQ

    First Aid +1 (m/e) IQ+1

    Engineering (all TL5 unless stated) 25pts

    Smith (M/A) 2pts IQ

    Scrounging (M/E) 1pt IQ

    Lock pick (M/A) 2pts IQ

    Traps (TL3) M/A 2pts IQ

    Traps (TL5) M/A 2pts IQ

    Armoury (firearms) (M/A) 4ots IQ+1

    Electrical repair (M/A) 4pts IQ+1

    Mechanical repair (M/A) 4pts IQ+1

    Machinist (M/A) 2pts IQ

    2 Engineer skills (pick specialities) (M/H) 1pts x 2 = 2 pts = IQ-2

    Science ( 20pts)

    Naturalist (m/h) 4pts. IQ

    Geologist (m/h) 4pts IQ

    Meteorology (m/a) 4pts IQ+1

    Chemistry (m/h) 4pts IQ

    Astronomy (m/h) 4pts IQ

    Away Team Equipment

    • Each team member gets
    • a hunting rifle, old bolt action rifle or hunting shotgun
    • 10 + 3d6 rounds of ammunition
    • A knife or baton / nightstick
    • First aid kit
    • Water canteen
    • Layered clothing
    • 1 set spare clothing
    • 1 weeks trail rations
    • Notebook and pen
    • Bedroll and waterproof poncho (also doubles as basic tent)
    • The team also carries 2x 2 person tents between the team – ideally one person is always on watch and they ‘hotbed’ tents
    • Specialists carry
    • Medical doctors bag with examination, basic surgical and other equipment
    • Administration/Diplomatic bonafides from the Senate, addition notebooks & pens for treaties, sketches etc, a map of the island.
    • Scout/ Tactical paracord, Swiss Army knife, camouflaging netting, optional Kevlar helmet
    • Engineering mechanical tool belt , electrical toolkit, lump hammer, crowbar
    • Science notebooks & pens, sample containers, geology hammer
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    Pink gins & googlies: White Ferns XI v Cranford ladies

    After the trials of the axe beaks Cranford ladies take to an overcast field to compete against the Wellington White Ferns, a very game bunch of girls over 50 overs.

    The in biting wind and overcast skies the White Ferns Captain Carol McKenzie wins the toss and sucking teeth chooses to bat.

    The inclement weather makes fielding heavy work and the visitors drop many catches with cold fingers and watering eyes. The kiwi batswomen make a good many runs from tirelessly conservative batting wearing out bowlers and fielders alike. A steady 280 turned out for the loss of only 4 wickets.

    After an excellent lunch Cranford take to the bat. Feeling under pressure their openers fall to optimistic strikes. The trials of the uncomfortable morning in the field yelling in the sloppy bladesmanship. In contrast the locals are in the main rested, warmed and benefiting from a break in the cloud and drop in the wind fielding in better conditions.

    While Mavis and Gwen attempt a rally with a 100 partnership it is a rare flower in the innings and the Old girls are bowled out for 197 trounced by 83 runs.

    No extras where given in the match which is more a testament to shocking umpiring.


    White Ferns XI 

    Carol Mckenzie b. Larwood. 47

    Margaret White b. Larwood 53

    Merdia Gordion b Bouchet 40

    Juliet Harris b. Arkwright-Harris 42

    Jane Kennedy 69 not out

    Sarah Scout 29 not out

    Katherine Jones

    Wallis Johnson

    Beryl Chambers

    Elizabeth Chambers

    Lucy Chambers

    Extras (0)

    TOTAL 280

    Cranford Old Girls XI 

    Aunt Agatha Gregson b.Chambers E 13

    Smasher Flashard ct McKenzie b Chambers L 12

    Gwen Devonshire b Chambers B 56

    Mavis Winthorpe b Chambers B 54

    Deborah Carstairs-Linacre ct Chambers L b Chambers E 0

    Patrica Rebecca-Harvey ct Chambers E b Chambers B 0

    Hettie Larwood b Chambers B 12

    Contessa Florence Lemichello lbw Chambers E 4

    Lady Lily Bouchet ct Chambers E b Chambers L 16

    Jemima Arkwright-Harris b Chambers L 16

    Lacey Steadmab lbw Chambers L 14

    TOTAL 197

    Extras 0

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