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Pendragon: Knights of Cheshire 495-496

Here are the first two years of our Play By Email (PBEM) of the Pendragon Campaign set in Cheshire with the players beginning as Squires in Dux Randle of Chester. Most of the player characters are brothers and cousins (Grandchildren of Baroness Middlewhich) with sundry other hangers on joining them in their adventures. I will do a different post for the PCs and link it in later.

Year 495 Featured Three Quests

The adventure of the PERILIOUS APOLOGY

Irish raiders and piracy have so despoiled Cheshire the Dux cannot pay his tribute to his lord the King Rhyons a half giant ruling Norgales (North Wales) as he has won the Crown of Ordovices. Gato is sent with the plentiful tribute available to render the Dux’s apologies to the cannibal king.

However the cunning Roman leaves the tribute and rides to apologise the the decadent and fearful court of the Rhyons at Dinas Bran, the Castle of Crows. In the Giant’s rage he chokes. Gato manages with some Roman medical cunning and great bravery considering the rage of the cannibal court  to save the Monster’s with an emergency tracheotomy gaining Cheshire a reprieve… for one year and triple the tribute to pay that year.

The adventure of the WIRRAL WILDNERESS

In an effort to address the Irish raids and piracy Mathuin and Piran are sent to the Wirral peninsular a wilderness of swamps and pagan savages to try and locate the Irish raiding base. After battles against the mystical difficulties of navigating the marsh and thick forest they come across a sage being burnt by wildmen of the Wirral led by the Druidess Munro. They rescue him and it turns out to the none other than MERLIN the magician.

Merlin leads them to the curiously named Thor’s Rock where an Irish monster, a Formorion envelopes the Peninsular with mist. With the Wizard’s cunning they despatch the beast and are then able to find the Irish pirate base Moels.  They travel back with the news and mystic.

WAR tracking down and trying to destroy CAMELIARD CATTLE RAIDERS led by KING LEOGANDANCE

Anerin, Hannibal, Gilmere & Renault ride to war. Chasing the cattle raiders they manage
Renault manges to engage and survive fighting King Loegandance of Cameliard himself.
Gilmere unhorses Patrick, the King’s Squire and then battles Sir Richard of the Vale whom he cleaves in two with a mighty blow.
Hannibal receives a beating from Sir Gregory of Stafford but survives.
The pagan Squire Anerin is set upon by Friar Stephen, the King’s Confessor and his mace. He is beaten but Sir Rowan Lupinius , the Cheshire Baron of Cheadle Hulme (and a rival of Baronesss Middlewhich) rides to his defence.
By then it turns out the Cheshire men are being duped and Cameliard’s allies from Orfoise lay in ambush so they retreat.
For his diplomacy Gato is knighted as SIR GATO THE THROAT-CUTTER, KNIGHT OF CREWE BY FARNDON and takes Hannibal as his Squire.
For performance in battle
  • Gilmere is knighted as SIR GILMERE THE CLEAVER, KNIGHT OF BRETEON and takes Mathuin as his Squire.
  • Renauld is knighted as SIR RENAULD KNIGHT OF MORETON, with Piran the Cornishman as his Squire.

Hannibal seems to develop a flirtation with Baroness Middlewhich’s lady maid,  Sian much to the disapproval of her Father, the Baron Cheadle Hulme, Sir Rowan Lupinius.

The Knights are joined by Spurius a Roman Squire from the South.
THE WIRRAL RAID Sir Gato and Hannibal leading a force to steal Cheshire treasure back from the Irish pirates. Sir Gato’s generalship eclipses the Irish pirates and the treasure is recovered. Hannibal manages to despatch an Irish champion with one blow. The victory not only gets Rhyon’s his treasure but Irish slaves sent to the Cheshire salt mines after Sir Gato uses Satire to discourage the Dux from sending them to the Cannibal King. Furthermore NEMO the Captain of the Dux’s trimere Brittania is given Moels as a manor and knighted. The Dux’s fleet is expanded by two Irish prizes named the Satyr (after Gato’s tongue and Anerin’s rumoured mystical experience ) and the Bloody Tarn.
CALIBURN’S MIDWIVES Sir Renauld, his Squire Piran and the Pagan Anerin accompany Merlin to gather a lodestone from Thor’s Rock and transport it to the ARROY FOREST for Weyland to transform it into a sword. The Druidess Munro tries to stop them with a squad of wildmen warriors. All acquit themselves well but Anerin is a whirling symphony of sword and shield.  Passing into Arroy Merlin falls under mystical attack from Munro and is incapacitated, Piran guards him while the Knight and Anerin journey on following first a bird and then a sweet music. Anerin experiences the divine and Renauld experiences a memory gap but the lodestone is replaced by a sword. Anerin rejoices in newfound pagan faith while the Knight has his suspicions. Piran has to protect the prostrate Merlin from an army of Forest beasts led by Munro in the form of a ferret. Rejoined with the ferret thing slain there is a moment of tension between Renauld and the Wizard before the Wizard takes the sword south on his own for a future king. The Knights suspicions linger as much as the longer warriors hero worship of the Wizard does.
THE BLOODY NOSE AGANIST THE TARN Sir Gilmere, his Squire Mathuin, Errin  and Spurius ride to ambush the Cameliard raiders.
Errin’s indiscipline nearly spoils the ambush and Gilmere has his flogged. In the battle he hangs back only riding forward to throw a sword to a disarmed Mathuin.
Sir Geoffrey of Stafford (brother of Sir Gregory) battles Sir Gilmere. After a mighty blow the Stafford man is taken prisoner.
Peter his Squire fights Mathuin. Mathuin loses his sword but Errin rearms him. AFter na inconclusive melee Peter’s horse stumbles and he is trapped beneath it.
Friar Stephen fights the Roman Supurius and unhorses the Squire with mighty blows from his mace. The Clergyman graciously allows him to rehorse as he is a Christian and then promptly unhorses him and knocks him out with a mighty blow.
 The Ambush is a success and the Cameliard raiders are pushed back empty handed. The Dux orders Gilmere to torture Sir Geoffrey  for more information on Cameliard raiding routes. Feeling lazy the Knights orders the Squire to do it. The information is gained after long and bloody work – but they note they are spied from afar by Sir Geoffrey’s brother Sir Gregory of Stafford.
Winter 496
There are no knighting but the Knights and Squires meet to debate the next years plans with the Dux. Some feeling King Rhyons should be a better liege and that peace should be made with Cameliard.  The Lady Sian is pregnant and Hannibal is suspected but as his is unknighted Baron Cheadle Hulme wants a knight for her daughter – perhaps Sir Gato.



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Very British Civil War 1938 Slide Show

A slide show of photos from Very British Civil War battles we’ve fought.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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After 6 Months play: The state of the Crazy Diamond

After 6 months (to the day) of the play the Crazy Diamond Sector has been a bit more fleshed out by the voyages of the MV Scattergun Approach and the sterling help provided in scenarios and ideas by my friend Stubber. Here then is what the Crazy Diamond sector looks like now:


A lot more crowded than it was in the original post on the sector.

What are these systems and powers then ?

Port Raja – the pirate base and El Dorado the system with the colony of Sandinista featured in the first sessions.

Kulipari is home to the Planet Marcos which has on it the Social Democratic Republic of Princip (as well as rival Mongolian, Somali and Turkish settled colonies.)

Tau Verde is a jump nexus point being terraformed and home to Corporate interests

Romero as well as having a quarantine orphanage is home to the planet D’Argenta

Van Gogh system was home to the Ark (and the colony of Jomsvikings space nazis flattened by the Ark) as well as rebel Nigerians and Tamil colony the Republic of Sudhara Bharat

Nibeugen is an industrial world – under one Government – think Dickins meats Bladerunner with hints of Bas Lang.

Abyss Station and feudal Azend shall feature on future scenarios. (And I have a couple on the map I need now to look up!)

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Physical challenges 2017 

Decided to set some physical challenges for 2017 breaking my programme into 5-6 week periods with rest week. This is on top of routine jogging / weights and practicing  Mindfulness 5 days out of 7 

Aiming to do the Sefton park spring 10k & wirral half marathon again.

Weeks Commencing 

2 January – 6 February (6 weeks)

100 Press Up challenge (at end of 2nd week) 

13 February – 20 March (6 weeks)

10k training (building distance) 

Learn to do Chin Ups 

27 March -24 April (5 weeks)

10k training (speed) 

8 May -12 June (6 weeks)

Learn to skip 

19 June – 17 July (6 weeks) 

Half marathon distance training 

31 July – 28 August (5 weeks) 

Half marathon pace training 

11 September – 16 October (6 weeks) 

Start a martial arts 

23 October – 20November (6 weeks) 

Aim for 30″ box jump (current max 24″( 

27 November – 18 December (4 weeks) 

Build to a max on sledge pushes / pulls 

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WANTED : Gunnery Mammal. 

Must be skilled at starship gunnery, small arms gunnery and miscellaneous social requirements. Willingness to sacrifice health for protection of higher species a must.

(Game plays on Wednesday nights 2030-2230 using D6 Space system – email dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk if interested.) 

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Gunner & General Spaceman Required for armed free merchant 

Gunner wanted for small transport vessel MV Scattergun Approach operating in the Crazy Diamond sector.

Applicant must not be a xenophobe, due to racial diversity of established crew. 

Ability to think on feet is a distinct advantage, as is previous experience of dealing with different factions and interstellar superpowers.

Please send CV (and D6 Space character sheet to dissectingworlds@yahoo.couk)

(Game played via Skype 2030-2230 Wednesday nights)

(Good art by Peter Hammerson, deck plans by wedge doc – awful art by me) 

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Episode XI Point me at the Sky 

The Scattergun Approach delivers medical supplies to a the besieged rebel city of New Nanking  on the planet of Taiping. Thelonius spots a ground crew putting an explosive device on the ship. He draws and the saboteur takes a another ground crewman hostage.

The spaceport militia head over – but don’t want to execute the sneak because of visiting interaetellar press. Eventually the villain called Tsi Hsiu admits her was hired by ‘the Pride’ (the same pirate gang as the Sher Khan .) the charge would explode and the pride ship Sabor , hidden in the asteroid belt, would attack the crippled Scattergun. 

However he claims to know where the Pirates stash their treasure and offers to give the location in return for his life.

Managing to out manoeuvre the Sabor in the asteroid they set course for the moon of Nueva Esperanza where the pirates keep their stash in the D’acconian highlands in Galtania .

After and rough and ready dogfight with the Pride guard ship the Scarface Claw which does extensive damage to the Scattergun (and lasers keep jamming from Mongoose hair) they land. Thelonius doing an amazing job of damage control.

The base is in the invasion path of invading Chinese communists & defending Galt Mech. They load up the following treasure and make their escape: 

1 twin mounted anti ship plasma cannon & fire control system (needs a turret) (handy as the ship has a suitable hole in it.)

2 scrambler motorbikes

3 dozen Silurian slime weasels 

4 scuttler general service bots (think red dwarf)

5 Niptish Wyen (Weyland-Yutani Enfield) L4B6 (Special Naval Landing Forces variant) pulse rifles with under slung grenade launcher, advanced sights & bayonets. (Power pods / grenades & bayonets provided.) these have a non bull pup configuration & folding stock so are more assault carbines than actual rules. 

6 apparently human females in stasis

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