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NPC Pool Cuthuhu : Reverend Elijah Samuels

The NPC pool is a resource of non-player character descriptions for use in roleplaying games.

The Reverend is an otherwise lean man dominated by a pronounced gut. A lack of formality which can come across as a lack of patience and respect can dominate his slouching movements. Long fingered hands dance on the end of gibbon like arms and stick like legs are thrown out crossed as he will recline into a chair. A broad brow regularly furrows beneath hair retreating like a tonsure from the centre and rubbery lips contort in conversation above a jutting confrontational chin.

Samuels is the 3rd son of a working class son who did well, demolished grammar school in quick dances of his pen and progressed to University which he vaulted through leaving plenty of time for the important business of beer, chips and sport. Parental ambitions and the path of least resistance pushed him to theology and ultimately to the cloth.

One slight problem however Samuels forced to grapple with these problems has come to one conclusion – Christianity is utter nonsense.

This is not enough for Samuels to turn his back on his stipend be it a wealthy rural community of afternoon tea and cricket on the green or a city slum. There is much of the job Samuels enjoys – be it tea and cakes when visiting cynical old dears, cakes and beer at funeral wakes, cakes and wine at marriages and cakes and sherry at christenings.

He also sees the job can do some good and is a full member of his community – not only by providing deceptive spin and successful blocking tying up ends for the local cricket team, he also will organise clothing drives, food collections etc; for the poor of his parish. Part of this community spirit may also lead him to give callow youth a clip round the ear for mischief or to investigate strange goings on in his Parish.

Samuel’s passion is sport and he follows it veraciously. The fact he keeps the local bookie in petty cash to keep it interesting is neither here or there. His loathing is bureaucracy – be it the taxman, the Disocse or worse of all the Parish Council he does his best to sidestep meetings and duck forms and proformas. He knows what needs to be done – he doesn’t want to sit through the idiocy of others. Impatience also leads to his clothes appearing thrown on and just the right side of threadbare.

Samuel’s lack of faith means he has none of the Churhcman’s normal defences against say Vampires. However that’s where his brains will come in.

Scenario Use

A Lead in a UK based CoC campaign Samuels is likely to have known the characters from University days from his various sporting activities. While not very clubbable Samuels may reach out if he thinks the feeble minded authorities can’t deal with oddness on his doorstep. His lack of patience may also lead him to get into trouble the PCs need to get him out of.

A Block Alternatively the rational Roberts may block characters efforts to investigate or co-ordinate village efforts – not out of evil intent but because of a suspicion and lack of patience with ‘superstition’ and ‘deceiving table knocker con-men types.’

A Clue Samuels is perceptive and while prickly can be lead into conversation if it’s intellectually stimulating (or features sport, food or drink.) His perception means many clues may have come to his attention even if his cynical nature and the stupefying boredom of his Parish means he hasn’t assembled them.


VBCW Samuels will come alive in the crisis of ’38. His considerable intellect will mean his Anglican League forces are well prepared and equipped. His disrespect for rules and committees means he will have little time for the local high command and put his Parish first.

WW2 Father Pierre Samuels will have the village resistance finely honed, running an escape route to the Pyrenees for allied airmen – all the time enjoying talking football with the local Garrison commander who was a goalkeeper for Bayern Munich .

Western the intellectual Espicopalian sporting Samuels will be a contrast to typical frontier preachers.

SF Samuels will be the Priest of a one horse colony town. He will pretty much play as written though his path into the Piresthood may be harder to explain.


  • If Religious magic is subtle or non-existent then Samuels plays as written.
  • If Religious magic is blatant then Samuels considers being beholden to the magic of the gods as weakness and as a community leader strengthens his parish through organising irrigation, community charity and healthcare rather than using magic in the first instance.
  • In a semi-historical background (Pendragon or Ars Magica) Roberts may find the rituals of the Catholic church means he can be less frustrated by theology and do more good. Local Sorcerers etc; might be valued as social conversation because they are so much brighter than knuckleheaded farmers and boorish nobles.

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