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(UK Supers RPG background I worked on.)


The Arms of Reidston



Granted shortly after the granting of the Newtown’s charter in 1946 the arms show on a field quartered by the Cross of St George (for England) the Ship emblem of Hertbourogh , the Spider crest of  the Shankley family, the Lords of Buxston, the Bat emblem of West Reidston and the heraldic motif of the Trivalley. The motto ‘A domus opportunis pro vir’ is latin for a home fit for heroes thought to be appropriate as the city was built for hosuing and industry in the aftermath of World War Two.



The Location of Reidston



Reasdtone occupies much of the ancient county of Reidstonshire which stretches from the fens inland to Cambridgeshire, then up the coast to the border of Lincolnshire.


Local Government

Reidston chose to have an elected Mayor in 2003 and the old Reidstonshire County Council became a city assembly based on London’s in the same year. The four boroughs (Hertbourogh , West Reidston, Buxston and Trivalley have their own District Councils who run most local services which the Assembly  co-ordinates as well as controlling the Reidstonshire Constabulary, Reidstonshire Fire and Emergency Services, the Local Education Authority and liaises with the areas different health trusts and other major bodies (like the University.)



The City is twinned with Metropolis and Gotham in the USA, Lyon in France, Cologne in Germany and Milan in Italy. Cultural events are often held with the twinned cities such as exchange of artefacts between the Lord Buxston Museum of Ancient & Mystical Artefacts and Gotham Museums Wayne Foundation Collection.

 Districts of Reidston



Flydale in Reidston’s Uk Blackpool is known as the ‘Flydale of the North.’ Dominated by the goliath Flydale Tower and the famous twin piers Flydale was a mecca to British holiday makers in the fifties and sixties. Hard times in the seventies saw the place go quite seedy and even now it has more than it’s fair share of strip joints, ‘massage palours’ and tacky pubs the like. However the building of four ‘super casinos’ – the Parker’s, Roger’s, Logan’s and the Flydale Ritz, has seen it take off.  Popular with stag and hen dos as well as gamblers it is a challenging place to police but especially on a Friday or Saturday night! The new casinos were built with American money and some unkind souls have suggested Mafia involvement. There are also a number of ‘superclubs’(Creasonance, Temple of Dance and Fly High) putting on big dance nights for the stag and hen crowd and the attendant presence of drug culture.


Sedgley is a neat area were most of the people who work in Flydale and the Hertbourogh  docks tend to live. It’s a insular area dominated by ‘white van man’ and is hopes and fears. Sedgely High Street on a weekend night can get quite rowdy. The fact that the area contains the old Sedgley Priory were the famous 1950s Occultist and ‘awfulist fellow on the globe’ Abraham Warsbrick was supposedly it hold rituals also attracts more than it’s fair share of Goths including some supernatural super beings of real power. Sedley Town FC the areas 3rd Division minnows often inspire fanatical support from their few followers, the ‘Black and White Army’.


Chinatown having major docks Hartvury has traditionally had a large Chinese Community and a large Chinatown has developed. It actually contains a Thai town, Little Hanoi and little Soul as well with subsequent immigration.


Central Hertbourogh  is the location of the old Reidston Chemical Industries plant the site now used by the Yakamora Car plant which provides much employment to the surrounding estates. It’s an ethnically mixed area with all sorts being drawn to the area due to work at the plant and it’s supporting firm which is nothing new a Somali and Yemeni sailors used to live there before the war when working on ships based at Hertbourogh .


Hertbourogh  Docks The Reidston national rail line ends here with Hertbourogh  terminal which mainly handles freight and the occasional batch of backpackers taking a ferry to Scandinavia, Germany or the Netherlands (the Triangle Ferry Company runs regular services.) As well as the big container terminals there is a small Royal Navy base (usually hosting a fisheries patrol vessel or occasionally a destroyer,) and a couple of Her Majesty Revenue and Customs cutters who fight against smuggling. Bank of England’s High Security vaults in ThReidneedle House have been subject to repeated attempted robberies and have a permanent UNIT guard. 


Millington on Sea though not far from the bustle of the docks Millington is a complete change. Neat retirement homes, golf courses and caravan parks dominate ‘Reidston’s best kept secret.’ Very popular with Reidstonians at bank holiday with it’s sandy beaches, delightful tea rooms and quaint shops. It is prone to flooding however and the high proportion of elderly there mean a flood can tax the emergency services. Millington Infirmary is a hospital which concentrates on geriatric care  and has a attached hospice. It was here the famous Hertbourogh  meteor showers were spotted.


Upper Millington Upper Millington is an area of six figure homes and people with salaries to match. Most of the players for Reidston United and Reidston Athletic live here as do various entrepreneurs and actors in ‘Capstan Market’ the Reidston soap opera. The area has been known to attract the odd kidnapper and burglar in it’s time.


East Reidston is another working class area, with most people working outside it.  Not as bad as many of the estates (perhaps because it is heavily policed being next door to Upper Millington) and dominated the East Reidston Rugby Union stadium – home to the Reidston Wrens, a Guiness premiership rugby team.



City Centre The City Centre of Reidston is dominated by high rise buildings belonging to the various companies that have made Reidston Britain’s fastest growing city. It is also site of the Reidston Assembly’s building a modern building on the banks of the River Reid as well as the Reidstonshire Constabulary’s headquarters and Reidston General Infirmary, the city’s principal hospital. Reidston University’s City Campus also is based here on the South Bank of the Reid. On it’s Campus is the City Centre site of the Lord Buxston Museum of Ancient & Mystical Artefacts. Overlooking the university campus is the 1960s architectural monstrosity that is Reidston Cathedral next to Reidston Cathedral Street Station, the main national railway terminal for Reidston.

Crystal Temple is named after the Crystal Temple built after the Crystal Palace burnt down in London in the thirties.  The ‘Temple’ is a huge glass building built in the grounds of Buxston Manor a sprawling landed estate now dominated by a safari park now surrounded by middle class suburbs. The Crystal Palace is part of the Lord Buxston Museum of Ancient & Mystical Artefacts and displays a significant part of the collection. It has often been rebuilt following various criminal superbeings attempts to steal one of more of the artefacts and the resulting battles with the super hero community of the city. Shankley Manor, adjacent to the palace in the grounds is also open to the public as is the Safari Park and much of the estate’s grounds. Adjacent to the grown is Reidston Cricket Club’s ground, Old Starum often hosting international tests.

Farrington, Southfork & Bardon are mainly white middle class suburbs with good schools and facitilies. Popular due to their closeness to the fens and Cambridgeshre and excellent transport links to central Reidston and indeed London.



Property was cheap in this area after the closure following multiple accents of the now disused the Trivalley Experimental Nuclear power station in the 1950s. Rather than the high rise buildings of West Reidston, Trivalley architects built more traditional houses in three sprawling estates. Cheap property and racist policies assigning county houses in the past meant these areas have become the focus of Reidston’s Black and Asian communities. There are tensions with the police and between communities but much good work has been done on all sides to iron out these difficulties. Many of the factories that provided employment here have been closed down with the decline of British industry to be replaced by Technology parks, contact centres and of course ‘luxury flats’ purchased by young professionals, often commuters, and out of the locals price range.

East Valley is a very mixed community mainly occupied by people who work in central Reidston in the less glamorous  jobs – the cooks, cleaners, shop workers etc;  The estate is dominated by the Old power station which has laid disused for many years (except for the odd Supervillan using it as a secret base.) Alongside the decent hard working people who live there there is a steady stream of students at the University drawn by the cheap housing and closeness to the City Campus and more worrying a criminal element – those who supply drugs to City centre clubbers etc; it is also sight of Reidston’s two premier league football teams stadiums. Reidston United FC who play in Reid and are normally up in the top six teams (after Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd and Melchester Rovers,) play at The Close. Reidston Athletic (champion relegation avoiders and bitter with it) play in blue at the Reidston Bugle Stadium.

South Valley was mainly settled by Asian immigrants and there have been tensions between the Muslim Community and their Hindu and Sikh neighbours. Heavy handed anti-terrorist raids by CI5 have undone much good community work by the Reidstonshire Police. South Valley’s Curry mile on Clayton Street has an international reputation for it’s cuisine. Just outside is Reidston international Airport which provides much employment in the area and is site of the Reidston Airport Terminal of the Reidston national rail line.

West Valley was mainly settled by Afro-Caribbean immigrants.  Subsequent immigration from Africa has also been attracted there and it is the location of the famous West Valley mardi gras – the second biggest Afro-Caribbean festival outside the Notting Hill Carnival. More recently East European immigration has come into the area leading to some tensions. Like Brixton the area has a vibrant cultural scene – the West Valley Academy hosts many brilliant gigs and dance nights and the restaurants on West Valley Avenue are superb. But equally some parts of the estate are extremely rough dominated by drug dealers and the red light trade.



This was once the industrial heartland of Reidston, now dominated by disused factories, contact centres, large shopping malls and retail parks. Most work is found outside there and the sprawling high rise estates of Soulton, Trumpton & Candelwick Green while named after old villages have none of the old character and are notorious nationwide for neglect and are amongst the worse in the country dominated by gun crime, drugs and associated problems.




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