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Rogue Trooper: Operation Blue Moon Play Report

I hosted a little Mersey Games Knights games day in Hus and ran a Rogue Trooper inspired game using Cthulhu Hack . This is a spoiler free play report.

Using a tube like map I allowed by cut off Squad to retreat location by location. Each location had an index card with a comics panel on the front & stat bloc/location info on the back so the whole scenario was incredibly portable. Character sheets where also index cards. I extended the resource dice feature of Cthulhu hack so ‘frosty’ diminished as you spotted things ultimately you wouldn’t be able to ‘stay frosty’ and get surprised and if injured your chem suit got depleted when down to zero you where poisoned. This worked well but I need to think more about rations.

Anyone on to a player view from Matt

As a child of the 70s and 80s i grew up more on British War Comics than on American Superheros, and they still hold a place in my heart. The cross over between that tradition, and the Sci-Fi ThrillZone that is 2000AD is of course the legendary Rogue Trooper, so of course i signed up to play up a game of squaddies caught in that eternal war. Furthermore, we were using Hack, which i’ve never played, but looks amazing. So after travelling to a wet Central Liverpool, thats what i found myself doing.

A squad of archetypes (Sarge, Rookie, Sniper, etc) lost in No Mans Land is classic setting that lets the players plug straight in to the feel of it. The GM gave us a map, and a destination, and let us choose our path through. In a really cool touch we got comic pages for each location, making it clear what was trying to kill us, and a couple of “special” abilities we could use once to help, which like typical players we hoarded until it was too late. Sorry, Sniper, we probably could have saved you.

System-wise Hack is just as impressive as I’d hoped. Its fast and intuitive, and the declining resource dice mechanic is perfect for a game that is at heart Survival Horror. It feels like a system designed for convention style games, although i’m not sure how well it would work for campaigns. But for this, its great.

And we got half the squad back! thats a win, right? “

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