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Lunchtime Lairs 17d: an aside accountant anarchist assassins

Lunchtime Lairs is a Wednesday lunchtime Jane in Liverpool city centre at the premises of the excellent Justplay games 12-2 every week – come and join us. We are currently playing Blackhack. This scenario was run by Me as a filler as Dave could continue our adventures in celebration.

Waterwind the tax collector mage and Satanna the Holy accountant staggered merry from the Thiefstown Coin Counters & Budget Balancers Association annual dinner drift past a municipal graveyard and hear a commotion.

Investigating they find the chains to the gates cut and four ruffians digging up a sizeable coffin. They attempt to sneak up but are challenged and the grave robbers draw their swords.

Waterwind casts sleep losing his spell slot. Binding the ruffians they find the coffin contains a huge orc recently hung and laid in a paupers grave. The scoundrels had a range of surgical saws and scalpels with a curious case filled with blue gel that would accommodate one of the monster’s limbs.

Waking a token grave thief Zarg it turns out they are paid to buy or steal monster parts for an Igor. Still frankly drunk the accountant adventurers decide to get Zarg to drive them to Igor’s place.

Out of town it is a creepy fortified manor within its walls they are confronted by the curious Igor & offer to improve his business model. Igor decides they better meet Master.

Sent to a creepy be gargoyled living room they are confronted by the master who confounded by the drunken ramblings try’s to drop the financial swashbucklers down a trapdoor – failing he and Igor escape via a swivel door to his arm chair.

Using the hapless Zarg to pick the lock the adventurers drift past pictures with watchful eyes to find a cellar steps guarded by a Cerberus. Betraying Zarg by giving him a torch and making noise fails to get him savaged so Waterwind cuts his legs and he falls to be savages by the beast. The adventurers use the distraction to force the door into the cellar and enter Master’s Lab.

A cacophony of weird science, sorcery and monster body parts confronts them with Igor stirring cauldrons & Master attending a giant figure under a sheet.

The PCs decide to mess around with switches (both players rolled a D6 the bigger the difference the worse the effect – they rolled a 1 and a 6..)

Machines cackled into life the beast on the slab was brought into life by crackles of energy despite missing one arm. It had a turtle body, ogre arm , a giant brain in a gold fish head, dragon wings and lobster, octopus, furry and giant humanoid legs. It had slammed the Master in awaking and Satanna ran forward and tried to turn undead.

And despite massive penalties it worked – the beast flew out of doors in the roof in panic. Master unfortunately recovered his wits and blasting our heroes (?) with fireballs reduced them to zero hit points.

They survived and awoke in the cage – Master intends to make them pay by making them subjects of this next experiment ….

One comment on “Lunchtime Lairs 17d: an aside accountant anarchist assassins

  1. […] gargoyle clock sounds and the Master goes to elevenses leaving the unlucky Waterwind & Satanna in the care of Igor. Unexpectedly Igor offers to free them he’s some form of undercover agent […]

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