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U.N.I.T. Campaign – Scenarios

Scenarios for the UNIT campaign can draw inspiration from anything in Appendix U or beyond. There is an opportunity to use the fertile plethora of fictional locations in the UK and the associated NPCs that go along with say Walford or Weatherfield.

just a few potential locations

Scenario briefings/pitches

Scenarios should be pitched/summarised in the following format:

  • Situation
  • Misson
  • Sustainment
  • Execution
  • Command and Control

All missions should be called OPERATION – i’ll give a couple of examples.


  • Situation curiously infected youths from the nearby Wolfie Smith housing estate have been attacking various science researchers at Lowlands University. The Wolfie Smith estate built by Temple-Blake has suffered from a yellow mold.
  • Misson under cover as an inspection team from the Ministry of Administrative Affairs. the UNIT investigators will attempt to find if there is a paranormal or alien influence behind the attacks.
  • Sustainment This is a low key mission. The team will be equipped with pistols and truncheons only. As a MAA inspection team they will be equipped with an austin healey pool car and a ford transit van (with surveillance and scientistic equipment.) If required reinforcements will be available within 24-72 hours.
  • Execution As a MAA inspection team they can visit the University and also inspect the mold at the housing estate. They may face obstruction from the local council which is labour but recently fallen to the militant tendency..
  • Command and Control The team is considered autonomous be able to phone UNIT HQ in an emergency. For field operations all team members will be issued with walkie talkies.


  • Situation tramps are being found dead on the streets of London’s soho their internal organs having been surgically removed. The surgery is either extremely skilful or involves higher technology.
  • Mission disguised as a special unit of the Met uncover what is happening with these murders and who is behind them.
  • Sustainment initially investigators are to be unarmed but pistols and SMGs will be held in vehicles. The team is supplied with Met police plainclothes cars. Being in London the full access to UNIT labs and UNIT reinforcements will be available.
  • Execution the team will have the full powers of Met police. However investigating this murders in Soho may incur the jealousy and curiosity from local CID and the corrupt ‘dirty squad’ of the Met.
  • Command and Control Cars and team members will have police radios with an additional frequency to contact UNIT HQ.

One comment on “U.N.I.T. Campaign – Scenarios

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