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UNIT – Operation Nightingale part 1 & 2

Thanks to Cath for the first part of the write up of Operation Nightingale in the voice of her new romantic character. The italics are songs from her walkman.

jackie black

I’m Jackie Black. To Cut A Long Story Short I am on my first assignment with UNIT. I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m hoping for a bit more drama than I’ve seen in GCHQ. That was the Quiet Life. My Visions in Blue have led me to a New Life.

Our group from UNIT have been assigned to Operation Nightingale. Our mission is to question the night watchmen at the Classified Storage Facility. An Iron Mask, a Sasquatch’s Foot, a Cyberman’s Head, and a Heat Blaster have been reported missing. We need to find out what has happened. Could be a kind of Treason. Success in the mission will be its own Reward.

nobody here but is chickens

We arrive at the facility. It’s all looking quite quiet until Fireman Dan instinctively attempts to break down the door with his portable battering ram. The fireman is Musclebound. The terrified guards do let us in – they have been expecting someone from Head Office – but not from Customs and Excise. No-one has warned them about a VAT inspection.

Fireman Dan

Professor Millwall targets Sarge the senior guard for some questioning. Sarge offers him some tea and bourbons. Prof.M is Hungry Like the Wolf and as he sups his tea, he can’t help but notice there is a terrible smell in the in the security room. It seems to be coming from one of the lockers. He knows from his own experience it is the smell of rotting flesh.

Security at the facility is not what you would call tight.Fireman Dan and Le Danseur I request a tour of the Facility from Carver.

le Danser

Carver gets bored with our questions and as he turns to leave Le Danseur grabs his keys. We inspect the locks on the doors. The door to the Exploration Store has been picked. Le Danseur and Fireman Dan enter the room. Within they find a long blonde hair and a golden apple. This apple is a Temptation for Fireman Dan, and he takes a bite, but Le Danseur begins an 18 Carat Love Affair with the apple and snatches it for himself.

I have seen that the lock to the R&D room has also been picked. As Fireman Dan and Le Danseur approach I feel Electricity drawing me to Le Danseur. More Than This, I just Can’t Get Enough. In this moment he has All of My Heart but is it Tainted Love? I shove him into the R&D room.

Inside the room I see a computer and remember my Computer Love. On closer inspection I can tell it’s been hacked. I have a Careless Memory of the code left by the hackers in an incident I investigated at GCHQ to assist the Bureau Des Etrangers.

We check the personnel records to see if any of the guards have links with Jersey – but they don’t. I call Friends of Mine at GCHQ who tell me that the prime suspect in the Jersey robbery is jewel thief the Ice Maiden Philippa Vale who was last seen at the Kentucky Derby.

Suddenly Prof calls for back up on the walkie talkies. I Ran, along with everyone who wasn’t already in the Security Room. As Le Danseur and Fireman Dan continue to the Security Room, I take one Last Chance on the Stairway. I stick out my leg for them to fall over. I fail to slow them at all. I follow the Sound of the Crowd to the Security Room, in time to see Fireman Dan swoop into the room to save the dayand bash his knee on the table. Prof. M is educating Sarge on the decomposition of human remains. Guns are drawn. The locker is opened and a corpse in a Security Guard’s uniform is revealed. It’s a Mad World.

Part 2 : it’s a mad word

Thanks to Dean for dictating this


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