D&D 5th Ed – Icewind Dale – Chapter 2 Session 1

I’ve joined a 5th ed game with my Thursday group this is the write up of our last session by Dan Stavekey in verse

Chapter 2 – Session One

It could have been day, or perhaps it was night;
As Danrond awoke to nothing but white.
The sharp of the frost was beginning to bite, but two distant towns slowly crept into sight.
He embarked on the journey, with no time to lose,
And determined en-route which town he would choose.
He travelled for days, past rivers and rocks, and arrived, to encounter a man at the docks.
It had been an ordeal, and Danrond was spent, but this man at the docks just wouldn’t relent…
“Hurry now man, don’t be hanging about, you need to get out there and catch me some trout!”
As the man kept on shouting, with Danrond perplexed, this man was becoming increasingly vexed.
But his focus had been on the inside of his cup, until now when, unwittingly, his eyes glanced up…
And he cursed, and emitted a deflated sob, and said “damnit man! you’ve hardly come dressed for the job”.
“You clearly ain’t fishin’ until you get dry. There are taverns o’er there – you’d best swing by.”
So, Danrond stormed into ‘The Drunken Goose’, to find a table of strangers by the bar, cutting loose.
A motley crew, that looked ill at ease, but the smallest amongst them seemed eager to please.
As Danrond, now warming, made a cautious advance, the largest man shot him a threatening glance.
Danrond had spotted some furs on the chair, and enquired as to whether they were per chance going spare.
Some strangeness played out then, and an imp took to dance, and, in the confusion, Danrond siezed his chance.
He smiled at the Halfling, whose nature seemed fair, and swiftly was gifted the dry clothes to wear.

At that moment – a clatter! And in through the door, spilled the same drunk and abrasive man from before.
He disputed his tab – whilst ordering more, and then headed on over to the party of, now, four.
“You’re meant to be out there, catching my fish, or the people will have nothing to put on their dish!”
“5 gold per trout – that’s what I’ll pay, but you’ve got to go now – we need them today!”
It didn’t take too long for the group to agree, to take up the work – how hard could it be?
So they picked up their gear and strode from the inn, whilst their drunken acquaintance flashed an ominous grin.
They arrived at the docks, and set eyes on their boat, and unanimously questioned how on earth it could float.
Clear as the day, even in this dim light, there on the hull was a monstrous BITE.
As each of them wondered how the boat had survived, while they stood on the pier… another person arrived.
Her chat might have been interesting, but they really didn’t feel it, so they turned back to the boat, and plotted to steal it!
Then, all of a sudden, at the mention of “a beast”, the group wheeled back around, and the nattering ceased.
“Oh” she exclaimed, “do you really not know?” … “there’s a beast out there that’ll eat you – if you go”.
Whilst the group took this in, Danrond channelled his Chi, and delivered a message – “I’m a trout, come eat me!”.
Then up through the ice, a creature popped out, and, in common tongue, complained “Wait…You’re not a trout!”.
A Palaeosaurus – as it turned out. Employed by Arula to mess the village about.
“I’m making them starve you see. By eating their fish! Carrying out my Goddess Arula’s wish”.
“These people are cursed, she wants them in pain… so, I just keep eating their fish, again and again”.

By this point it was clear that this beast could be outsmarted, so Danrond and John War-Locke stepped forward, and started…
“But my friend, oh my friend, you’re doing it all wrong. By eating their fish, you help these people grow strong!”
“With no fish on their plates, they just eat other things – creatures with legs, or creatures with wings.”
“This then gives them strength that they hadn’t before and, now that they have it, they’re capable of more”.
“You should be more reserved in your munching away – ensure that the people have fish every day!”.
“Whilst you keep quiet watch from the depths below, let them grow fat, unambitious and slow.”
“Of course!” said the monster, “That’s what I’ll do!”. “Do they need some fish now? I could grab them a few…”
So, 15 gold heavier – after trading three trout – the group listened back into whatever the old woman was nattering about.
She held Gold, and a Scroll, they’d not earlier seen, and a torch in her hand…that was flaming green!
She was needing to find some magical folk – for they were, apparently, how the curse could be broke!
But alas… by this point, the hour was late, so the next twist in this tale would just have to wait…


2 comments on “D&D 5th Ed – Icewind Dale – Chapter 2 Session 1

  1. Boundless talent. I absolutely love reading these poems – hugely inspirational. What a guy!

  2. […] my last letter i reported the matter of the talking Plesiosaur. Afterwards John War-locke, the arrogant Danrond Half-Elven and Ieva the hobbit met a researcher in […]

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