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Reidston – Talon (MSH)

Fighting                                  Amazing

Agility                                     Incredible

Strength                                 Remarkable

Endurance                             Unearthly

Reason                                    Amazing

Intuition                                 Remarkable

Psyche                                    Amazing

Health                                     220  (0 health is dormant mode)

Karma                                    130


Talon is a result of a Ministry of Defence experiment to retro-engineer alien technology. The work was done on spacecraft retrieved from the St Georges Channel having been shot down in the course of the Rendelsham Forest UFO incident by a pair of RAF Lightening fighters. The MoD’s work was done at a research lab inReidstonUniversity.

After 6 years there was a frustrated scientist smashed his hand into a sharp surface and bled on the equipment. Suddenly the prototype which had refused to operate came into life, and other than periods of incarceration it hasn’t stopped feasting since.

Talon is six limbed robot put together from alien and human technology by the MoD scientists. It’s power system seems to require ‘lifeforce’ to operate but this seems to be easiest for it to extract through blood drinking blood through the microfibres along it’s claws.

Talons can talk through a melodious disturbingly female musical voice however it does not often choose too. Its ambitions are not merely limited to feeding – it appears that it is conducting in depth reconnaissance of Earth. As well as breaking into military installations it is believed responsible for significant electronic episode and datahacking. The only thing which gives Talon some leeway with various Earth governments is that it is rumoured to sell information to rival states and that when other alien powers have tried to invade Earth Talon will side with Earth’s defenders.




  • Do cutting damage at Monstrous levels
  • Alternatively can drain heath (Blood/Lifeforce) at Incredible Levels and will replace any depleted Health lost by Talon
  • Give amazing climbing ability through micro fibres on the ends
  • Incredible movement through leaping/crawling (sometimes on all six legs)


  • Gives Amazing damage protection
  • Amazing invisibility to radar, sonar etc; through stealth technology (sorry Daredevil!)

Manoeuvre Thrusters

  • Excellent movement (usually only used in space or for long distance endurance journeys)

Other Powers

360 degree awareness (through eye units and sensors)

Incredible radar and sonar sense

Psychic Life-force drain (Excellent damage and range – psyche vs psyche roll – requires complete concentration only used when unit been damaged and is dormant.)

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