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Lunchtime lairs: villain profile: The Cryptozoologist

From Wednesdays Danger Dan one shot here is the Cryptozoologist.

Fighting: Typical

Agility: Good

Strength: Good

Endurance: Excellent

Reason: Remarkable

Intuition: Remarkable

Psyche: Remarkabke

Health 46

Karma 90

Talent: Biology, zoology, tracking, cybernetics

Equipment: cybernetic control material, stolen quintet, remarkable strength stun blaster

Abbas Haddad was an Iraqi refugee settles aged 8 in Solihull in 2005. Bullied at school the academically talented Abbas through himself into the sciences however on getting to university he found his interests drew him to fringe sciences in particularly Cryptozoology. Unfortunately this led to him being ostracised in academia which brought back memories of his boyhood bullying. Something snapped.

Determined to prove his cryptozoological theories correct as the Cryptozoologist equipped with a flask of weak lemon squash and public endangering plans will use SCIENCE! To show those establishment fools know nothing.

Alternate costumes once my kids got hold of the sketch.

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