White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 1 Session 6 Audience with a bishop

Maria’s tale part 2

Onward we went, tasked with making contact with the Bishop we heard about from the rescued priest. A relief that there is a senior member of the church here on this island. God is good. On the way we met people on the road dressed in simple beach wear but with rudimentary tabards on which a cross was painted. Follows of the true faith. What luck.
Before our audience we were well looked after.

The prisoners with us were taken away
Two individuals we had seen before stood out at this community. A young woman about 21 with a distinctive hard hat and another young man about 18 with a large gridded helmet. Some kind of battle helmet from one of the games they used to play in the before times.
Albert expertly noticed what he refers to as their “Detail” some guns and a “Cricket Bat” apparently

Our audience with the bishop was granted. With a burned face, he sneers at us, makes disparaging remarks about our party. Dear Ray he wanted to marry off! I know this is not the true way , this church I do not recognise.
We learnt much about the community. The Franco lot had been trading slaves with the Cookaniers, despicable ungodly people.
We tell him of the priest we rescued Father Cortez. He is now safe in our community.
We looked to the map settlements seemed to be marked a number of red amber and green flags signalling the bishops intentions. Our community was green…but for how long?

Matthew , Mark, Luke and john were the scout groups sent put across the island
There was more talk of St Gabriel the missionary and St Michael the protectors.
Not sure what I was expecting but this Leader of the faith made me feel uneasy.

It was decided we would return home with a young priest (Well he as just a boy of about 15 years. something strange about him, not sure.
We would be accompanied by Izabella (Hard Hat) and Sergi (Battle Helmet) the individuals we saw earlier. We see them have an audience with Bishop after we leave.

Kostas follows and listens to their conversation.
Our community and our lives are in danger here, we must be cautious.

Back on the road again we head back to San Juan De Rambala with our guests.
We keep watch but our suspicions grow. Something is not right here. Kostas sneak off and hears hard hat a battle helmet.
“Take out the soldier”
Albert!…… they meant Albert.
Forewarned a conflict was inevitable.

As we travelled and made camp, we kept watch. Then it was such as blur. Crossbow bolt, gunfire the priest ran more gun shots. Ennio shoots the running priest. A trident striking a foot. Blood. I pulled my revolver…….shot twice……… Ray? RAY!!!!. I’ve hit her.
What now for all of us? My faith is tested…. God let us see this through

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