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Nueva Esperanza: Y2 T2 Ph1 8th Battle of Nova Roma

Stretched Roman forces after repeated attacks were preparing strike back. Prior to undertaking an attack into Lapus Magna they have adopted a strategy of using their depleted forces as pickets. They Emperor then holds a reserve of their stronger units was held to meet any assault.

This is fine in principle but the attacking Maoists had their own tricks. Their reserve militia units carry out night recognisance & find a gap between the pickets leading straight to the imperial palace & abandoned Preatorian barracks.


Maoist forces of the 1st Red Infantry Bn, 5th (Kim Il-Sung Provincial) Workers Defense Bn & 6th (Pol Pot Provincial) Workers Defense Bn advance supported by artillery.

Outmanned and out gunned the Emperor’s staff and his Guard from the 1st Cohort of the Legion (reduced to 2 centuries) hide as the Maoists advance awaiting for reinforcements.


Praetorian Barracks on the left and Imperial Summer Palace on the right separated by the Clementine Hill.


6th Workers Defence Bn supported by infantry storm in the Imperial Palace defended by 1st Cohort of the Imperial Legion.

With Maoist militia about to storm the Place the Legionaries are forced to engage in an unequal fire fight.


The 1st Red Army battalion and artillery occupy the Clementine Hill hills dominating the centre of the battlefield and able to offer support to both militia units.


In the rear the 5th Field Subcommittee of the People’s Defence Commissariat is attacked by the surviving century of the 5th Cohort.


…and destroyed despite this set back the Maoist morale holds.

Despite the entry of reinforcements from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Cohorts of the Legion and the surviving Roman tank alae the Maoists firing from defendable positions and making best use of indirect fire by their mortars beat off attacks.


Fire from the Red Army Bn and the 5th Workers Defence Battalion routes an attack by the 3rd Cohort of the Legion (elements retreating to the south) on the right the 6th Workers Defence Battalion is contesting control of the Palace witht he Emperors staff having driven off an assault by the 4th Cohort of the Legion with Red Army support.

With so called elite Roman units routing off the battlefield, the Emperor and his staff (formerly the Magister Equitium) surrenders to the 6th (Pol Pot Provincial) Workers Defense Bn. The surviving Roman forces retreat into Provinca Nova (PN,) their eventual loyalty to be determined at the end of the turn.

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