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Pink Gins & Googlies 5:3 Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow

Having failed to blow up the blue dome Hettie, Edith, Meg’s and Mavis notice the mist around island clearing. In the distance they can see the cruiser HMS Raleigh* and destroyer HMS Thunderchildsailing under a floatplane. The Empire du Monde troops see them too and fighters and bombers start to taxi into the runway.

HMS Raleigh a Hawkins class cruiser

Thunderchild a Thracian class destroyer

The girls race down the slope of the volcano they parachuted on. Spotting a AA gun belonging to the transdimensional transgressors they sneak up – Hettie and Mavis shooting up the crew and taking a survivor prisoner.

Hettie mans the gun while the brawny Mavis acts as loader. While Hettie causes chaos Meg’s has to clear a jam. The lead trio of Empire fighters are shot up and the following bomber blocking the runway.

Our Hettie

Using flares and mirror more code the girls bring down naval gun fire and Empire ground troops and dogs trying to rush their gun position from the volcano slopes. Hettie shoots up damage control teams trying to clear the runway.

A fight taxis from the hanger a fires its deafest plumb into the sandbagged emplacement of the AA gun. Hettie uses the Battleaxe ‘rend’ ability to have the AA gun take the blast and the girls scarper back to the cover of the volcano foothills. Meg’s is hit by shrapnel and knocked out.

The Senior Service ships weigh anchor abs deploy marine and sailor landing party’s by boat. The invaders of our dimension seem to form a defensive line across the volcanos on the dead side of the slopes.

The girls cross – gather up uniforms from L’empire and infiltrate the Project Orpheus lines. From their they get into the Blue Dome. Hearing that the Imperials are going to bring in reinforcements from their home dimensions Edith reverses the polarity of the neutron flow and they scarper.

The imperials flick the switch but rather than extra zeppelins & fighters the blue dome and surrounding troops is sucked back into their dimension. This gapping hole in their lines combined the naval gunfire and the marines & matelots flanking through the gap defeat the Napoleonics.

The girls filter back into the POW camp which is liberated by a party under Lieutenants Boycott & Beanue of HMS Thunderchild.

The world is saved – next stop a tour match in Singapore again the Onedin Line Social Club ladies and then on the Perth.

* obviously not run aground in this universe

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