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Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Villain Profile: Dimbyd Duck

International duck of mystery

Fighting: remarkable (30)

Agility: Good (10)

Strength: Good (10)

Endurance: remarkable (30)

Reason: excellent (20)

Intuition: excellent (20)

Psyche: excellent (20)

Health: 80

Karma: 60

Popularity: 5 (50 in Wales)


Flight (good)

Swimming (good)

Water resistance (excellent)


Burglary, alarm systems,


Criminal, Welsh nationalist

First Appearance Fly Half & Leek Lass 21#


Rumours abound about this welsh speaking malicious mallard. Is a mutant man cursed to look like duck ? Or a mutant duck cursed with the intelligence of a man ? All that is known for sure is that the dapper drake is responsible for a spate of burglaries with a nationalist tinge in Wales & the surrounding area.

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