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White Hounds Holocaust campaign 1 Session 2 Mission of Mercy (Ray supplemental )

(No White hounds holocaust session this week as it was virtual grogmeet but player Andy @fechtbuch on twitter has added his character Ray’s memories of last weeks session to Sister Maria’s. )

““You didn’t think!”
That’s what Albert the grey beard said to me afterwards.

“You didn’t think” I’ve told you a million times to use your head in a fight, evaluate the situation and then act, keeping yourself protected. And you didn’t think! Stood right up to a polar bear – a ruddy polar bear – with a fish trident. Honestly! Still – you didn’t freeze, you acted. And when it counts, that’s the main thing. That was still the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, my girl, and one of the bravest! You could walk into any bar in Pompey with that story and never have to buy a round all night!”

I wasn’t sure what all that last part meant, but I think I must have done okay in my first battle – and next time I will try to think. But at the time, I just wanted to protect Maria.

I took a claw from the beast, and now I’m wearing it about my neck. A reminder to myself to think. A reminder to myself that I survived my first fight. And won.

The other thing I learned was in the caves with the sick people. It was awful, with so many we couldn’t save, even with Maria’s doctoring. I saw people holding hands with their loved ones, very sick and dying together. And some of them were men with men – and one couple were women together, dying together in each other’s arms.

It seems to me that we have already seen groups of people living in different ways, and seeing things very differently from each other. As we return for a time to our home, as good a settlement as any we’ve seen so far but where perhaps I don’t truly belong with my strange feelings for Maria, it seems to me that there might be a place for someone like me somewhere in this big wide world”.

One comment on “White Hounds Holocaust campaign 1 Session 2 Mission of Mercy (Ray supplemental )

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