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Navy Patrols in the Crazy Diamond 

This is a quick run down of the patrols the Navies of the major powers send into the Diamond sector to protect their interests, discourage piracy and fly the flag in unclaimed space.  

A quick word on ship sizes 

Broadly speaking naval vessels are rated as follows smallest to largest:



Patrol ship (no FTL) / Scout ship (FTL)





Battleship / Carrier

By way of reference the MV Scattergun Approach is the size of a Frigate but only has the arms of a patrol ship. It lacks the redundant systems and generous crew of a military ship intended to function despite casualties.

Niptish Royal Navy

The bulk of the formidable Royal Navy lies closer to the Niptish core world so they deploy light forces on the frontier to impose Nitpish law on pirates, smugglers and independent traders. Though to be fair the Niptish Naval mindset doesn’t make much distinction between those three categories. 

Two Squadrons of electric blue Artist class cruisers are deployed in the sector. These are Warrior class destroyers wi an extra module providing hanger space and quarters for a flight of 4 Avro-Mitshubishi Tsumani class space fighters, 2 Wessex class drop ships,a company of marines and four power armoured assault troops. 

Operating out of the Yamamto Sector is Frontier Squadron XVI featuring His Imperial Majesty’s Terrorships (HIMTs) Bonnie Tyler, Tracey Ermin, Daphne DuMaurier and Shane Meadows.

Operating out the Boylen Secotr is Frontier Squadron VII featuring HMIT Oliver Reed, Sophie Atkinson, Duchess of Argyl and Ken Russell.

Usually two will be on patrol, one on refit and supply and one patrolling inside Niptish space supporting in-system forces.

Catholic Communard Commonwealth 

The Niptish are like coppers they come in pairs but the Communards are like buses they come in threes – old spacer saying.

The Commonealth (which does extend off Map – a drafts an error I need to correct) operates a squadron of three  Emancipation class’s cruisers whose main job is too show a friendly face to left leaning in depending colonies and oppressed populations hoping they will join he Commonwalth. The olive green ships are O’Higgins, Esponza and Mariscal. They carry marine platoons with combat drop ships  but no fighters.

Holy Stellar Empire 

The Holy and Stellar Navy has a squadron of eight battleships flying the flag supporting the Empires claim that all human space is part of the Empire. However as impressive as that sounds it belies the fact that the Holies are way behind Earth powers technology. Their battered and creaking ships are misshapen with alien and earth modules the Empire has bought bolted on. The purple and gold paint flying banners, badges, battle honours and murals to their illustrious history cannot hide their age and inferiority.  Each ship carriers a competent of Naval Infabtry which various from custom ship to custom ship. The vessels the Evzone, Immortal, Exubitor, Mehal Sefari, Nihang, Esho, Tagmata and Jovian. The precise relationship between the ships and their commanders varies depending on court favour, planetary, Masonic and dynastic fortunes of the Captains.


The lizard men  are at peace with all powers except the hated HSE. Rogue frigate captains do rampage in human space from time to time. Xeno-anthropologists think this may be privateering missions designed to give young unmarried crews the chance to prove themselves through combat raids. 2-4 tend to be on the warpath at any one time.

United Americas 

The USS Barack O’bama is a colonial carrier carrying 36 Lockheed Corsair fighters, 12 Boeing Rogers drop ships and USCMC Expeditionary Force. It devotes itself to protecting UA corporate interests in the sector.  

Maphilindo Confederation 

Tentara Nasional Maphilindo Angkatan Luar (Space Forces) in the sector are 2 colonial cruisers the KRM  Oswald Siahaan and KRM Rajah Humabon. These are actual cruisers with an expanded marine compliment. They patrol independently and focus on diplomatic & anti- piracy missions.

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