Lunchtime Lairs 6b: Black Hack: The Billy Goats Gruff

Lunchtime Lairs is a Wednesday lunchtime Jane in Liverpool city centre at the premises of the excellent Justplay games 12-2 every week – come and join us. We are currently playing Blackhack.

Following on from the Lunar Seed-Olga saga which expertly Dungeon Mastered by Neil the party took a job outside of the City. The numbers were made up of

  • Farquhar the Conjuror
  • Hector the Hoplite
  • Blegrin the Warrior
  • Seneca of the Streets a thief
  • Andromeda a thief
  • Jirad thr Cleric Who worships the Yerlot, the god of fate.

Traveling to Baron Patel’s ranch after an initially suspicious reception by ranch hands they were told his tale of who.

He’d hired an expert to build a bridge – this expert was now squatting under the bridge which was his route to market and eating any goats he took over. He wanted the squatter dead and would pay them 500 coin and a smoked steer each. Most of his men are off with his herds on the high pasture hence he needs hired help.

No the hard bitten scallywags the PCs did not take him at his word. Turns out the expert was a troll and the Baron (above) didn’t take kindly to being asked about why the troll what squatting and claimed to have other adventurers interested in the job.

The party march off and resolve to get the trolls version of the story. Approaching a beautiful stone they bridge of immaculate masonry, coving and construction they notice it has a perimeter of iron spikes driver around it about 20m out.

They approach there are pit traps dug most avoid them but Seneca and Hector fall taking damage. Seneca also getting hit by a hurled bolder – and escapes clambering up a rope thrown by his comrades.

Hector meanwhile manages to scramble around the vestiges of his low charisma (or maybe looks a bit troll like) and reason with the troll Scramble-granite.

The trolls story is that he (she?) was offered crystals which would be delicious for its children but the Baron in-prisoned it with the ring of iron thinking the sun would turn it to stone. It however was clever enough to burrow. (It also shows them the modern art its being making out of goat corpses as flesh isn’t much use to it as food.)

It offers the party a deal – remove the iron so it can revenge upon the Baron and it will tell them the location and password for a secret passage to a dragon hoard.

To quote Neil later on Twitter

Who would you believe, the taciturn and evasive Baron or the angry and aggrieved Troll?

Let’s see what decision they make next week ?

2 comments on “Lunchtime Lairs 6b: Black Hack: The Billy Goats Gruff

  1. […] As was always the case with Lunchtime Lairs we wanted to have rotating GM’s, and so I handed over the GM reins to Andrew, pulled out a character I had created earlier and before too long we were off adventuring again. Andrew’s blog entry on the start of his game is here. […]

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