SSAS: Shared Silver Age Supers


I recently listened to the excellent plot points two-part podcast on the champions and ‘day of the destroyer’ champions scenario this excellent podcast really reenergised my passion for this genre of roleplaying.


I’m lucky to know many roleplayers and superhero enthusiasts across the globe but scheduling with conflicts draws on ones attention are really hard. However it strikes me that the twin powers of the internet and genre make this a really exciting potential for a shared rpg game. In the DC Universe ‘Brave and the Bold’ or Marvel’s Team Up not to mention ‘events’  all types of heroes can bump into each other and have adventures and then go on their happy way so what I propose is this:

team up

a) People interested in playing sliver age superheroes campaign form a group (on a social media arena to be agreed.)

b) Establish throw conversation some very broad campaign themes (i.e. main city, if any (or all) characters are borrowed from one of more comic universes etc;) and system to use (I fancy FATE as it’s dead simple but it’s a group decision.)

c) Everyone to create (or appropriate) a player character, have an online discussion to determine the historic relationships between the player characters (how does the Punisher feel about Batman for instance.)

f) Anyone can GM (though they don’t have to but ideally we’d have more than two GMs) – and play via Skype (or similar.)

e) Use an online calendar function (like Google calendar) so GMs can post when they have a slot they can run in and a scenario title and one sentence synopsis.

f) brief synopsis of the games be posted (by GM or a player doesn’t matter.)

g) GMs build one each others ideas.

h) the social media group acts as a place where characters can interact (if they bump into each other foiling a mundane bank robbery etc;)

There is no commitment for anyone to play every week, month or even year. 


Even if you never make a game you can contribute ideas and flavour. My hope is it will be fun relaxing (if anarchic) way to play – like comics were before the fanboys took over.

I don’t even want to start GMing this I am happy to start as a player. Despite my world building rivet counting obsessions I’m coming to this with a blank slate. Now…to start promoting this and see if anyone is up for it.

If you’re interested email me with SSAS in the subject at  dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk please state your preference for social media/calendar platform and any thoughts and ideas you have on how to make this work.


And now I wait….

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