Pink Gins & Googlies: New Girl : Jemima

(As Edith is a little injured Stubs is now going to play for a bit a new member of Cranford ladies college old girls XI …

Jemima Arkwright-Harris


Jemima is the 3rd & youngest child to former Lancastrian land-owner and magnate Eduard Arkwright-Harris & his wife Mary. Sadly, she is also the heir to his estate following the premature death of her older brothers Archie & George in the trenches – and the death of her parents in a tragic boating accident shortly after the end of the war.

As a result of these deaths, she has largely turned to the psychic world & is known to frequent mediums and psychics to consult with the other side. Whilst she has not ‘the gift’ she is very interested in talking with her dearly departed older brothers and has all manner of paraphernalia with her, including all manner of exotic incense, crystals, jewellery and pendants. She is travelling the world with her team-mates to ‘seek enlightenment’. 

Type of character

The way I’m thinking of her is some sort of “proto-hippy”, advocating the healing power of crystals & efficacy of Tibetan chanting to pierce the veil & “reach the other side”. That said, despite the darkness, she is quite a happy soul and more than willing to help out, especially in dealing with the lumps and bumps of this mundane existence.


 Brawn (Str):11
 Deft (Dex):9 
 Vigor (Con):9
 Wis (Int):12
 Sense (Wis):11
 Charm (Cha):8


 Philanthropist/ Dilettante – HP 1d8 +4: 8
 Sanity d10: 7
 damage 1d6: 4
 gossip D6 
 curtain twitching d10  
 Special ability: resists mind control & can heal other PCs


Jemima is a bowler of noticeable ability but… not very good with the whole batting thing











2 comments on “Pink Gins & Googlies: New Girl : Jemima

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