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Drakesdoom: Flynn’s Gym

In Lower Eastgate a burned down tavern was abandoned by the innkeep. A Tarthan Adrianist priest following the Crimyelan heresy Father Slaine Fynn was gifted the ruin. Saline is 5′ 8″ broad and stout with a bullet head, a weighty paunch and great spade like fists.  He has a neat goatee and close cropped hair which is his concession to a losing battle with receding hair.

He began to preach there and run a boxing club and soup kitchen for orphans & urchins. As word of his good works spread the Order of the Seven Stars Temple 789 ‘En Route’ donated the materials & labour to put a roof on his shell. Flynn was joined by his brother Kennedy a former prize fighter who started to charge warriors & others to train at the club. This source of income was ploughed into the charitable works of the Gym.

A third youngest brother Sean made his own way in the City rising to prominence in the Eastgate mobs. Despite a fractions relationship with his elder brothers he donates to the gym & his gangster compadres like to hang out there. The gym is recognised as neutral territory by the various factions in the Drakesdoom mobs and despite Slaine Flynn’s disapproval is occasional used for meetings between warring gangs.

Despite the tensions in the club is one of the few genuine working class and altruistic institutions in the City. It has a robust rivalry with the more patrician House of the Scorpion  based in the west of the City.

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