Asaratuhiem & Alfheim, the Scandivar colonies

To the north of New Duninaden lies two vast swathes of territory nominally colonised by Scandivar exiles from Ancienia.

Rough map of the Scandivar territories of Discoverie

Rough map of the Scandivar territories of Discoverie

Asaratuhiem lies south of the channel and falls from Lake Halit to the Malkian Ocean while Alfheim lies to the north of the waterway. As far as their settlement Scandivar settlement goes they are identical.

Back in the Scandivar lands of Ancienia things have been changing for the last couple of centuries. Strong jarls have established Kingdoms eroding traditional liberties while both High Adrianisim and the Scandivar Adrianisim syncretic heresy have spread at the expense of the old faith. When Scandivar explorers found the land known to the ancient Malikians as Hyperborea and now known to be the northern portion of Discoverie it provided a pressure value for those who disliked the new ways and new religions.

There has been no guiding intelligence in Scandivar colonisation. families, clans and allies have simply set up their own colonies or homesteads and watched their neighbours carefully, Here and there a cluster of villages might be united under a strongman calling himself Jarl but such Empires are fleeting. Colonists will just up and move further into the interior if a ruler proves onerous. Many families and individual settlers like completely autonomous lives only visiting the nearest settlement to trade for essentials they can’t produce themselves,

The densest area of settlement is along the Narrows generally these have established villages under their own Jarls. There have been efforts of Erövrare (lit. conquerer) expeditions sent from the homelands to establish official Crown colonies here but one of the few things that can unite the villages is such a threat. Villages might be run by a chief, as a crude Republic, true democracies which different class controls on race, gender & classas suited the local settlers. Further out villages become interspersed with independent family homesteads which become more typical the further out you go as villages wither way. Such clusters may meet in a Thing (Assembly) to decide issues between families, clans and villages and avoid costly blood feuds,

Finally you may find only pälsjägare (lit. fur-trappers) buckskin clad bravos who live around in the midst of native groups like the Picts prospecting, gathering pelts and acting as guides, scouts and interpreters for colonists. More hateful are the äventyrare( lit. adventurer) bands of young men and criminals who spread massacre amongst the native & non-human peoples for gold and experience, The efforts of native groups push against the tide of settlement but cannot overwhelm settlers streaming in from the Scandivar homelands bolstered by the impressive birth rates of the settlers. The various races are pushed by the Scandivar back into pockets of territory deep in the forest, in the Mountains and out on the Tundra.

Consequently Huge tranches of the ‘heims have not been touched by Scandivar settlement and remain occupied by Elves, Orcs, PIcts or Worleys following their ancient rivalries with no concern for the interlopers. However they are becoming pressed into smaller areas with refugees fleeing the colonists being pressed into a smaller area.

Most economic activity is substance farming – logging goes on to clear farmland & the lumber works its way east to be sold to Lorraland merchants. Some Vikings tried to sail timber up the Narrows & across Lake Halit to sell to Drakesdoom but this encroached on Widnez trade who sent pirates to destroy the timber fleets. Adventurers & locals can also make a return on artefacts & body parts of the older & other non-human races which are valued by alchemists I’m Ancienia.

The military consists of every man (& a fair proportion of women and children) bare arms. Poorer people tend to act as skirmishers with the richer fighting as heavy infantry in a shield wall. The very rich may ride to battle but fight on foot – true cavalry is unknown. Battle leaders are chosen or appointed in accordance with local tradition and when villages or homesteaders unite the leaders are appointed by a Thing. This applies to fights between settlers, with indigenous groups or other colonies like New Duninaden.

Thanks for Christine from the Other Murdock Papers help with the Swedish for this article. Check out her blog on Marvel’s Daredevil here: http://www.theothermurdockpapers.com/

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