The Principality of New Duninaden


New Duninaden is one of the Ancienian colonies on the eastern coast of the continent of Discoverie. Many of the colonists in Drakesdoom hail from there. It is a colony established by the island nation of Duninaden who have a D’Elanie ruling class who have conquered the Duninaden peoples in last the last couple of hundred years.

New Duninaden (recycled map of new Sordor)

New Duninaden (recycled map of new Sordor)

To the North lies Asaratuheim – the southern forest of the lands being settled by Scandivar settlers. The Great Plains are roamed by the divided descendants of the Khansmen.

To the South lies Freyoria or Nova Republica the theocratic Republic established by followers of the feminine Adrianist heresy Freyorianism. Beyond them lie the Yesyan colonies, the Faraway KingdomsStarakand and Lorraland.

The Magnus and Bluegum mountains and their foothills are hotbeds of Hesclek, Pictish and Orc resistance. The Hesclek are free tribes fleeing the colonists and now a third party in the relentless warring between the Picts in the hills and the Orcs in the mountains.


Leadership and Politics

The Crown Prince of Duninaden serves an apprenticeship as Prince of New Duninaden. Henry the current incumbent is a lively man in his early 20s. Away from his priestly and childless uncle he thoroughly enjoys himself often carousing into the wee small hours.

He does not however ignore his duties, rather he is burning the candle at both ends and already looks a decade senior to his actual years. His flushed brow has a nasty scar from a battle sought to crush New Duninaden elements who resisted his Uncle’s usurpation of the home Crown.

Henry employs a tactic of divide and rule on his underlings. The local Dukes of Sylvania, New Midsomer, Wyvern and Manticore are too busy with mutual raiding or pushing their estates deeper into Pictish, Hesclek, Scandivar or Freyorian territory to overthrow the rule of Good Prince Hal.


The Nobles of New Duninaden maintain paltry numbers of Knights compared with the Mother Country. Their ‘castles’ are simple mott, bailey and wooden stockade forts. Hence warfare in the colony is a small scale affair featuring such unchivalric tactics as ambush, cattle rustling and raids. The strength of the peasantry means they are often left untouched by noble warfare.

The peasantry are much freer than in Duninaden and with the existence of a slave class on conquered Hesclek no longer bottom of the social heap. Their villages are stockaded and the peasantry have their own militias , nominally pledged to their local lords of spearmen and longbow archers.  A class of peasants have made a career as mercenaries serving the King. These so called ‘Ranger Companies’ predate on barbarians, outlaws and foreigners on horse and foot with sword and bow.

Princely forces include:

  • 12 cannon (acquired from Lorraland pirates who in turn took them from Yesyan ships.)
  • A fleet of 15 galleys patrolling the coast to prevent peasants and nobles getting supplies of muskets or cannon.
  • The Princley Companies – 200 Knights, often the sons of Duninaden Dukes taken at a young age and ‘fostered’ with the Prince of New Duninaden as hostages. Each is accompanied by a  squire, also ‘fostered’ noblemen and a yeoman from the Prince’s estates.

Ethnic Mix

The rulers of New Duninaden are mostly D’Elanie (1% of the population,) however some adventurers from the lower orders or abroad have been raised to the nobility. When middle class D’Elanie are entered into the equation the percentage of the population is raised to 6%.

Duninaden account for 30% of the population. Crimyelan about 10%, Ecotch 4% and various Scandivar 10%. Conquered Picts and Hesclek account for 40% of the population

Economy and Technology

The soil of New Duninaden is rich and the use if Hesclek slaves by peasants mean that for the colonists life is good. Trapping and logging generate extra wealth. The rich coastal fishing also aids the thriving economy. The Pictish foothills have excellent grazing and New Duninaden woollen is highly regarded.  A little mining but minerals are usually imported.

Class Controls and Judicial System

Class controls are less strict than in Duninaden but ethnicity still counts. E’Dlanie descendants are still regarded as Duninaden and especially Crimyelans. However the enslavement of the Hesclek means even the lowliest colonists feel better than ‘barechests.’ In addition most of the colonial nobility look down on the ‘soft’ nobles of the home country (who in turn see colonial noble as country bumpkins.)

Guilds have less influence than in Duninaden and father-son apprenticeship is more common. Hence commodities produced in the Principality tend to be cheaper.

Villages usually handle their own legal matters, often employing a jury to make decisions of guilt and innocence in the old Duninaden manner. The Nobles would prefer the use of trail by ordeal in the D’Elanie manner but have little opportunity to enforce it. Slave have no legal rights but their owners do. Nobles and the middle class have the right to trial by 12 of their peers (which as the Colony only has 4 dukes might cause problems.) Ecclesiastical and Magi courts are banned.

Lords appoint Sheriffs (in the Shires) and Constables (in towns/villages) to oversee law enforcement. Punishments are severe but death is comparatively rare (the colony needs hands) being sold into punishment being sold into slavery.

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